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Parties unite to remove Zuma


March in Kimberley at part of the national save SA from Zuma campaign

The three opposition parties in the Northern Cape - the EFF, DA and Cope - will join a national campaign against President Jacob Zuma next week. Announcing their plans yesterday were (from left) Francis Thulo, EFF member, Fred Wyngaardt, Cope, Ismail Obaray, DA MPL, and the leader of the EFF in the province, Aubrey Baartman. Picture: Danie van der Lith

THE DA, EFF, Cope and Save South Africa believe that next week’s march to demand President Jacob Zuma’s resignation will be different this time as the opposition are united in their cause.

The march in Kimberley, which will be part of the national save SA from Zuma campaign, will take place on the same day that the president faces a vote of no confidence in Parliament on August 8.

Zuma is expected to address Women’s Day celebrations at the Galeshewe Stadium on August 9.

EFF provincial leader, Aubrey Baartman, is confident that Zuma will no longer be president next week.

“We will go all out to ensure that the march is a success because all opposition groups are adding their muscle to this initiative,” said Baartman.

“What Zuma and the Gupta family are doing to the country is unacceptable. South Africa has already been downgraded to junk status and officials continue to loot from the state. All citizens, especially young people, must take a stand against unemployment and poverty and get rid of Zuma. Over 40 percent of our people are without work.”

He indicated that they would not march to the Galeshewe Stadium on August 9.

“We do not want to disrupt or interfere with the ANC’s activities. We will have our own programme at the city hall Zuma must be very afraid.”

Baartman added that the opposition could not be “selfish” and support the retention of Zuma until the 2019 national general elections so that they could garner more support.

“We can’t have a president like Zuma who is facing a mountain of serious allegations. He has violated the constitution. The application to impeach Zuma will continue in the Constitutional Court in September. I am sure that Speaker Baleka Mbete will only announce on Monday whether voting in the motion of no confidence in Zuma will take place by means of a secret ballot, so that the opposition will not have time to mobilise.”

DA MPL Ismail Obaray stated that it was time for Zuma to go.

“We cannot wait until 2019 – a day longer with Zuma at the helm is one day too long. People are hungry and jobless. We need to unite as a collective to fight for the future of South Africa,” said Obaray.

He indicated that the 783 charges laid by the DA against Zuma two years ago, were still under investigation by the National Prosecuting Authority.

“The NPA is investigating the feasibility of a successful prosecution. This is while citizens’ hard-earned tax is being siphoned by the Zuptas, even in the Northern Cape. We will exhaust every legal avenue in the book to remove Zuma.”

Cope member Fred Wyngaardt encouraged everyone to come out in their numbers and participate in the march.

“While the ANC has the majority of members in Parliament, the SACP must come to the table. Even if we do not succeed in our mission, come 2019 Zuma will no longer be the leader. The cracks in the ANC will become prominent on August 8. The economy is suffering. ANC members of Parliament should vote in favour of the people of South Africa,” said Wyngaardt.

Kagisho Aries from Save SA called for the protection of whistle-blowers and those brave enough to speak out against the impropriety of the president.

“People are intimidated that if they go against the president they will lose their jobs and will not be able to provide for their families,” he said.

Aries stated that Makhosi Khoza was not the only ANC MP who would vote in favour of the motion of no confidence.

“We know that there are others, including Pravin Gordhan and about 60 ANC MPs, who will support the motion if it is by way of a secret ballot.”

He added that the return of the top six ANC officials to the city, to sort out elective conference issues, was a pointless exercise.

“The ANC cannot correct the mistakes of the president, how will it correct the mistakes of the Province? The corrupt cannot root out the corrupt.”

The march will converge at the Kemo Hotel at 8am and proceed to the city hall.