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Parents call for new crèche management


A disciplinary hearing was apparently conducted against a teacher who had alerted parents to the alleged happenings at the school

ANGRY parents of children attending the Salvation Army crèche in Galeshewe have called for management to be dissolved, claiming that the facility has deteriorated since new management took over earlier this year.

The parents, who gathered at the crèche yesterday, said that the facility had been running at a loss and that they had to pay for the mistakes of management.

The crèche caters for about 70 children between the ages of three months and five years.

One of the parents, Petronella Mooki, said she is planning on taking her three-year-old son to another facility because she claims that management does not “listen to the cries of the parents”.

“This crèche was a wonderful facility in the past. The children, teachers, management and the parents worked well together. The children were taken on educational outings and fed nutritional food on a daily basis. Currently they are fed watery soya mince every day with no vegetables. My son even got sick from the food they were fed here. At the beginning of the year I even informed the crèche that my son is allergic to eggs but they still feed him eggs. I told the principal that my son had an allergic reaction and that I had to take him to the doctor because of that. The principal did not say anything and just let the matter slide,” said Mooki. Another parent, Lynette van Wyk, said that they are not receiving the service that they are paying for.

“We pay R160 a month for our children. We, however, are not certain what management does with the money we pay. They gave us a menu of the food they said they serve the children but none of the food on the menu is served. There was a time when our children went hungry because the principal claimed there was no gas to cook food. The children are fed the same food over and over again. This is unacceptable as we are doing our part by paying fees each month. The management need to do their part,” van Wyk said.

A disciplinary hearing was apparently conducted against a teacher who had alerted parents to the alleged happenings at the school.

The principal was taking part in the disciplinary meeting during the time that the parents gathered at the facility yesterday. The parents said that the principal was running the facility “with an iron fist”.

“The principal does not call any parent and teacher meeting to give an update on the happenings at the school. The last feedback we got from the principal was on how fees are spent, where the crèche was being renovated. However, there are still broken windows and some of the swings on the playground are still broken. It is really unclear where the money is going as the school also gets financial support from the department.”

The administrator of the crèche, Ben Masango, said that the allegations came from an employee who was suspended.

“There is an employee, who is suspended for misconduct, who went to put the allegations into the heads of the parents. We are currently busy with the hearing of that employee,” he said.

Masango said that management was not aware of the unhappiness of the parents.

“We are not aware of any unhappiness from the parents regarding the spending of money. We took over in January and are currently busy with renovations at the crèche. We have a challenge however as bigger children from the community come onto the premises and break the swings. We have got no security at the facility after hours so the youngsters come play on our playground and vandalise some of the property,” said Masango.

The principal of the crèche, Beatrice Masango, who is Masongo’s wife, declined to comment when asked about the allegations made against her.