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All the right moves as city hosts chess festival

MORE than 200 players from schools across the country are currently participating in the SA Open Chess Festival being held at the Mittah Seperepere...

Businesses send criminals packing

“As businesses, we are not only competing with online firms and other businesses, but also with thugs that are chasing potential customers away from our businesses.”

Dept hands over 4x4s

“These are essential tools of the trade that will assist them in making a better life for all. In fact, in recognition of the role they play, they can keep their old vehicles”

Mom breaks down in court

The State will oppose bail following a massive outcry from the community, who had furnished him with a memorandum demanding that bail be refused

A special festival for city

"We would like to show Kimberley that a person living with a disability can present and host a fun-filled event for members of the public . . . an event that is nothing short of a true festival,”

Area not safe for sports event, says tavern owner

"Even though this was supposed to be an event for the youth there were people walking around with alcohol in their hands and drinking it.”

Call to ban under-18s from Botox, lip fillers

Growing numbers of young women are being targeted on social media and encouraged to have their lips injected with fillers to achieve the “Love Island look”

Electric aircraft makes debut at airshow

"Alice will redefine how people travel regionally and usher in a new era of flying that is quieter, cleaner and cost effective."

Mom accused of killing dumped baby

It is believed that the two waste pickers who found the baby’s body, reported to police that the baby had head wounds

NC man in court for hit-and-run

A man, who was driving a red Isuzu bakkie, apparently fled the scene and hid in the parking lot of a hotel nearby