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Three sentenced on several charges

“The accused forced the woman to accompany them to a corner behind Steynville High School where they took turns raping her."

Concern over ability to host events

Businesses previously also expressed concern regarding the Big Hole Caravan Park, accusing the municipality of allowing it to become neglected and exposing it to vandalism

Double rapist gets 25

“Both women were traumatised and are still suffering emotionally and psychologically. It is fortunate that none of the women were seriously injured.”

Top skaters at city event

“The programme presents local youngsters with a healthy, affordable and accessible lifestyle alternative and the chance to become part of the fastest growing sport in the country”

Embattled mayor faces mutiny

“There has been a lot of resistance against any attempt to transform the municipality and bring about change since Mabilo was appointed.”

Rapist a shattered man

“The rape was premeditated as the evidence pointed out that the accused took the complianant to a secluded area. Every crime that is premeditated constitutes a hefty sentence. The complainants in all these charges are women."

Legislature to probe harassment

“Nehawu also brought this matter to the attention of the Secretary to the Legislature, who at the time of the occurrence was away from the legislature, attending to his official duties"

Local scoops gospel award

“Before the big night I had already prepared myself emotionally to accept any outcome, although I had a glimpse of hope that I will return with something"

Boost for provincial budget

"It is clear that there is a direct relationship between the sectors that contribute to our economy and the unemployment rate"

Ministers welcome findings on data

“If you think of the 20th century as a century that was reshaped by oil and steel, the 21st century is being reshaped by data”