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PA cuts ties with ANC, pulls out of coalitions


The Patriotic Alliance (PA) has ended all coalitions that were entered into with the ANC following the local government elections in the Northern Cape.

Founder member and president of the Patriotic Alliance, Gayton McKenzie. Picture: Ian Landsberg

THE PATRIOTIC Alliance (PA) has ended all coalitions that were formed with the ANC following the local government elections in the Northern Cape.

PA president Gayton McKenzie, during a live Facebook broadcast on Sunday, announced that the party would be withdrawing from all ANC coalitions at Sol Plaatje, Hantam, Kgatelopele and Karoo Hoogland municipalities.

“We have no coalitions with the ANC in the Northern Cape, it’s over, we ain’t nobody’s stupids,” said McKenzie.

He stated that since the coalitions were formed, no community member had benefited.

“None of you can show me one person who got a job or even show me any political appointments. So we must just get big salaries. People are getting work but we don’t see job opportunities being advertised.”

McKenzie warned of an impending “thunderstorm” this week, where 60 percent of non-performing party members would be removed.

“There will be a reshuffling on Thursday and we will make public the names of councillors who were removed. We can’t protect a salary while our people suffer. Some councillors have become VIPs. We can’t keep people in a job when the councillor does not hold meetings to report back to the community on job opportunities. They have forgotten about the people who voted them in. Who are they representing – their bank accounts?

“Employees of Shoprite have a better chance of retaining their positions than councillors and mayor committee members. There is no difference between a ward or a proportional representative councillor. Some of them are former ANC or DA members who want to bring their system of politics into the PA.”

McKenzie condemned councillors who were constantly unreachable.

“Some councillors give the excuse that they are going to church. It is alright, we will give them over full-time to the church. We are already writing congratulatory letters to those who will be joining other political parties.

“When you are looking for a councillor it is difficult to get hold of them, people are being taken for fools and are being misled. Councillors must be humble and respectful and they must answer their phones at all times. They will expel themselves if they do not submit to the new leadership.”

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