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Outrage over city puppy mill


Facebook users are calling for swift and severe action to be taken against local residents who breed animals under ghastly conditions

SUFFERING: Sixteen adult dogs and three puppies were removed from a local Kimberley dog breeder. Picture: Huistoe animal welfare- Bloemfontein

DAILY updates regarding the progress of 19 Yorkshire terriers that were apparently found in dire physical condition and in filthy surroundings at a house in Kimberley, has seen members of the public expressing outrage and calling for the local breeder to be publicly named and shamed.

While the matter is currently being investigated by the relevant authorities, Facebook users are calling for swift and severe action to be taken against a Kimberley resident who has been accused of breeding the animals under ghastly conditions.

Spokesperson for Huistoe Animal Welfare (HAW), Lientjie de Klerk, confirmed yesterday that they had been asked to intervene by the organisation’s Gauteng-based affiliate, Maltese, French Poodle and Yorkie Rescue South Africa, who had received information from the public and referred the matter to the organisation in Bloemfontein.

“The dogs were 170km from Bloemfontein but one of our volunteers drove to fetch them,” said De Klerk yesterday. “What she found in Kimberley was shocking.

“Bodies of deceased dogs lay in front of the house and more were lying at the back of the property.

“There were 16 adult dogs and three puppies that were only a few days old. While they were still alive, they were emaciated, with matted hair and sarcoptic mange, along with open sores.

“These dogs had been living in appalling conditions and had no food or water.”

Upon their arrival in Bloemfontein, the 19 dogs were examined by a veterinarian and found to be severely malnourished with some suffering from major eye infections.

De Klerk added that while the animals still had a long road to go to a full recovery, she believed the worst was behind them and the prospects of finding loving homes was improving on a daily basis.

“They will have to be kept in isolation for at least three weeks and be dipped every two to three days. At this stage, they are all in bad shape and will only be put up for adoption when they are strong and healthy enough.”

Meanwhile, daily updates of the Yorkies’ progress have been generating a huge response on the animal welfare’s Facebook page, with followers expressing outrage over irresponsible and unethical breeding and calling for perpetrators to be named and shamed.

De Klerk said that the matter had been handed over to the NSPCA and she was not at liberty to confirm the identity of the breeder.

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