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Operation yields success


A multidisciplinary law enforcement team conducted a successful operation over the Easter holidays where illegal drugs were seized and various fines were issued for different transgressions.

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LAW ENFORCEMENT members from the Northern Cape police, the provincial Department of Home Affairs, municipal traffic, the Northern Cape Liquor Board and the provincial emergency services conducted a successful operation over the Easter holidays where illegal drugs were seized and a number of fines were issued for various transgressions.

The men and women in blue, led by the Northern Cape provincial commissioner, Lieutenant-General Koliswa Otola, ensured that the law was upheld during Operation Paseka, which was conducted in all five districts of the Province.

Northern Cape police spokesperson Lieutenant-Colonel Sergio Kock said vehicle patrols and roadblocks were conducted and dagga and suspected stolen copper cables were confiscated during the operation.

“The police conducted 16,117 vehicle patrols, while 1,310 stop and searches were conducted and 130 traffic fines were issued at random roadblocks,” said Kock.

“Three men were arrested when they were stopped and searched at a roadblock on the N10 in De Aar. The police found dagga with an estimated street value of R30,000 in the vehicle in which the suspects were travelling. The suspects were charged with dealing in dagga.

“In Wrenchville, the police arrested two male suspects with suspected stolen copper cables with an estimated value of R30,000. The suspects were charged with tampering and damaging essential infrastructure.

“The police also confiscated a large amount of tik, dagga, mandrax and illegal liquor concoctions during the operation. A number of fines for transgressions ranging from drunkenness, public nuisance and riotous behaviour were also issued.”

Kock said the law enforcement members were applauded for the successful results that the operation yielded.

“General Otola thanked all police members and all relevant role-players, including the community, for the successful multidisciplinary operation that resulted in outstanding successes in an effort to keep our communities safe and secure even beyond the Easter weekend,” Kock concluded.

Picture: Supplied
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