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Number of crimes in Northern Cape drops


This is according to the quarterly crime statistics that were released by the Minister of Police Bheki Cele on Friday.

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THE NORTHERN Cape reported an average decrease in the number of crimes that were committed during October and December 2020, according to the quarterly crime statistics that were released by the Minister of Police Bheki Cele on Friday.

Incidences of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm (GBH), burglaries, contact crimes, malicious damage to property, carjacking, theft of motor vehicles and motor cycles however showed an increase.

The statistics include crimes reported during the adjusted three level lockdown restrictions that were introduced on December 15.

Cele said the national crime statistics did not “paint a good picture”.

“We must all have sleepless nights over these crime numbers. We must exert ourselves to deliver our mandate as the SAPS which is to protect and serve the people of this country.

“This is a matter of life and death and complacency will not be tolerated.”

The Northern Cape experienced a five percent decline in the number of murders committed while there was a 4, 9 percent decrease in the number of serious cases reported in the Province.

Cele pointed out that the top four causes of murders were usually as a result of arguments, robberies, mob justice incidents and gang related killings.

“Murders and assaults are mainly committed at the home of the victim or the perpetrator. Liquor outlets are the third most likely place to be killed in South Africa. Assault figures show that violence stalks our society and in many cases violence is aggravated by alcohol abuse.”

Seven domestic violence-related deaths were recorded in the Province, while domestic violence cases decreased in November but then increased during December.

Sexual offences, murder, attempted murder, assault and robberies were reduced by two percent over the past three months.

No farm murders, farm and smallholding attacks were captured during this time period in the Northern Cape.

The number of attempted murders remained the same at 155 cases, where the main motive was attributed to arguments, misunderstandings, road rage or provocation.

Assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm increased by 0,4 percent while the number of common assault cases decreased by 0,9 percent.

Robberies with aggravating circumstances decreased by 5,5 percent and trio crimes were reduced by 5,8 percent.

There was a 12,5 percent increase in hijackings where it increased from eight to nine cases compared to last year.

It was indicated that robberies at residential premises decreased by 2,7 percent and robberies at non-residential premises decreased by 10,3 percent.

No cash in transit heists, bank robberies or truck hijackings were reported over the three month period.

The report stated that there was a 3,8 percent decrease in the number of common robberies committed.

It added that the number of rapes committed in the Province decreased by 13,2 percent.

Two kidnappings were reported during the three month period, representing a 10,5 percent increase.

Crimes including arson and malicious damage to property rose by 10,1 percent.

There was a 14 percent decrease in the number of arson cases while there was a 11,3 percent increase in malicious damage to property cases.

Property-related crimes decreased by 6,3 percent and burglaries at residential properties decreased by 9,3 percent.

Burglaries at non-residential properties, however, increased by 2,4 percent.

In the Province 61 schools and 28 liquor premises were burgled.

Theft of motor vehicles and motorcycles increased by 5,1 percent and theft out or from motor vehicles recorded a 7,8 percent decrease.

Stock theft decreased by 5,5 percent where sheep are the most common animal that is targeted.

Crimes such as shoplifting, commercial crime and others were reduced by 13,4 percent.

Crimes detected as a result of police action including the illegal possession of firearms, ammunition, drugs, driving under the influence of alcohol and or drugs and sexual offences decreased by 26,2 percent.

Cele indicated that a three year contract had been entered into with a supplier in 2019 to provide all police stations in the country with rape kits.