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NPA welcomes sentence handed down to wife of murdered artist


The National Prosecuting Authority in the Northern Cape has welcomed the sentence handed down to the wife of murdered artist Carl Walter Meyer.

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THE NATIONAL Prosecuting Authority (NPA) in the Northern Cape has welcomed the sentence handed down to the wife of a world-renowned and celebrated landscape painter, Carl Walter Meyer.

Sophia Meyer was sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment, of which three years were suspended for five years, for the murder of her artist husband.

The Upington Regional Court convicted Sophia on November 29 this year for killing her husband during an argument that occurred in 2017.

Meyer was a celebrated artist whose work was exhibited in the South African Art Gallery and other major galleries overseas, including in the US and Germany.

NPA provincial spokesperson Mojalefa Senokoatsane said the incident followed after the couple had an argument over money.

“On December 22, 2017, the couple had a misunderstanding and argued as the accused demanded money from the deceased. During their disagreement, the accused stabbed her husband once in the chest and he died on the scene. The accused was later arrested and charged with the murder of her husband,” said Senokoatsane.

“The accused pleaded guilty to the competent verdict of culpable homicide, claiming to be a victim of domestic violence and financial abuse. The State, represented by prosecutor Alex Tyers, rejected the tendered plea and led the evidence of two witnesses who testified that the deceased was, in fact, the victim of constant physical abuse perpetrated by the accused.”

Senokoatsane said the witnesses conceded that the incident on that day followed after the couple had a misunderstanding over money.

“The witnesses also testified that on the day of the incident, the accused demanded money from the deceased after which an argument ensued and the deceased decided

to leave the communal home. The accused went after the deceased and found him at the gate and then took him back to the house. The argument continued and the accused then went to the kitchen, took a knife, and stabbed the deceased in front of their then five-year-old daughter.”

Senokoatsane added that the accused received a suspended sentence after the defence highlighted the role that alcohol played in the incident.

“The court rejected the accused’s claims of abuse. The defence argued in mitigation that the court should find that exceptional circumstance to deviate from the prescribed minimum sentence due to the claims of domestic violence, that the accused was remorseful, and the role alcohol played.

“The State, on the other hand, argued that mariticide, which is the killing of the male life partner by the other, may be a relatively unknown phenomenon but carries equal punishment especially in circumstances where a history existed of domestic violence committed against the husband, as the facts in this case clearly illustrated.

“The court found that no exceptional circumstances existed to justify deviating from the prescribed minimum sentence. The court, however, found it mitigating that alcohol played a role and considered that the accused was remorseful.”

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