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Northern Cape police station goes live


Easier for public to access the police station

CONNECTED: Vodacom has provided connectivity to four Northern Cape towns (Rietfontein, Hakskeenpan, Riemvasmaak and Noenieput). Seen from left are: Bobby Proudfoot (executive head global account manager at Vodacom), Lieutenant General Adele Shezi and Nick Chauke (executive head of public enterprise sales at Vodacom. Picture supplied

THE SINGLE police station at Noenieput, a remote Northern Cape town with less than a thousand residents, has gone live – an event commemorated yesterday.

The police station, which services a widespread farming community, previously had limited network connectivity.

Without mobile connections or devices, SAPS Noenieput officials had to travel to Kimberley on a weekly basis to hand in police reports.

Additionally, with unreliable network coverage, residents who needed to contact the police station were not always able to connect.

All that has now officially changed after cellphone network provider Vodacom provided connectivity to four towns in the Northern Cape – Rietfontein, Hakskeenpan, Riemvasmaak and Noenieput.

On June 24, Noenieput officially went live, with the town’s police station being the last to receive connectivity.

SAPS spokesperson Brigadier Mohale Ramatseba pointed out that the new network system would make it easier for the general public to access the police station without delays and would also enhance all efforts by the police to deliver the necessary services to the town.