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‘No power every time it rains’


“These outages during heavy rain and thunder conditions occur everywhere where there are overhead MV cables”

BLOCKADED: Homelite residents closed off the Midlands Road to Roodepan in protest against continuous power outages they are experiencing in the area, especially when it rains. Picture: Soraya Crowie

HOMELITE residents took to the streets yesterday in protest against continuous electricity interruptions.

The residents barricaded roads leading in and out of Homelite with branches and burned tyres yesterday morning, while calling for the Sol Plaatje Municipality to intervene in the situation, where the suburb is “without electricity every time it rains”.

They say they are fed up with being continuously without electricity, especially when it rains.

This comes after the neighbourhood again had power outages during Wednesday evening’s downpour in Kimberley.

“While regularly being affected by load shedding, Homelite is the one neighbourhood where power is always off when it rains. We believe this is as a result of complete neglect by the Sol Plaatje Municipality to maintain the transformer in the area. Every time it rains, there are electrical storms or the wind even blows strongly, our power is off, forcing us to bath in cold water and send our children to school without food. Enough is enough,” the protesting residents said.

They added that reporting the power outages to the municipality only resulted in them being issued with reference numbers.

“We have long lists of reference numbers supplied by the municipality after we report issues but no further action is taken. We pay a lot for electricity but receive nothing, we are fed up.”

Municipal spokesperson Sello Matsie said yesterday that reports of damaged cables in Homelite were received on Wednesday evening but that power was restored by the municipality shortly afterwards.

Matsie did, however, say that the problem of electricity outages during rainstorms were not unique to Homelite.

“These outages during heavy rain and thunder conditions occur everywhere where there are overhead MV cables,” Matsie said.