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No decision on childcare centres


Parents at wits end over where to leave their children once the economy slowly starts opening.

PARENTS in Kimberley with children in Early Childcare Centres in Kimberley indicated that they have no alternative plans in place on where or with whom they would leave their children should the Northern Cape move to Level 3 and they have to return to work.

There has been speculation that, due to the fact that Northern Cape has the lowest number of Covid-19 infections nationally, the Province could move to lockdown Level 3 by the end of May.

A single-mother of a one-year-old child, Bianca Blauww, said although she is willing to return back to work, she has no idea on where to leave her child.

“There are only reports on when the primary schools and high schools would open. Everyone is also worried about the opening of the economy and more people have to return to work.

“The President announced that provinces that do not have a high number of coronavirus infections can move to Level 3. We also want to return to work as these have been tough economic times, filled with fear of losing one’s job.

“However, as a single parent with a one-year-old child, I worry about who I will leave him with There is currently no indication on when creches will be allowed to reopen. I used to take my son to creche when I had to work. There is nobody to take care of him if I go back to work next month,” said Blauww.

Another concerned parent, Mpho Oliphant, said the travel regulations hamper her alternative plan.

“I do not have any family in Kimberley. My husband and I moved here for work. I used to take my son to creche when my husband and I had to go to work. My husband is already back at work but I am still at home. I might have to return to work next month.

“Our extended family lives in another province and travelling is prohibited. If I should return to work, I am not sure what we will then do with my son. Other people indicated that I should find a nanny. “However, in these circumstances where we have to live with this virus, it is very difficult to trust anyone with your child,” said Oliphant.

Spokesperson for the Department of Social Development, Gamiem Abrahams, said there is currently no decision regarding the reopening of Early Childcare Centres.

“The command council will make a decision and will direct the minister, but for now there is no decision on the matter yet,” said Abrahams.