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Nine years and still no park


Warrenton residents have questioned the delays in the development of a memorial park in Ikhutseng where they say that the architectural plans were approved in 2010.

COMMUNITY members in Warrenton have questioned the delays in the development of a memorial park in Main Street, Ikhutseng, where they say that the architectural plans were approved in 2010.

The chairperson of the local development leadership committee, David Kgame, said they had requested assistance from Magareng Municipality to provide them with graders to kickstart the development.

“The community has been waiting nine years for construction to start. Soil has already been deposited there but we will need a grader to level the ground so that we can plant grass and trees,” said Kgame.

The plans include a green oasis with open spaces, the construction of a stone bridge, seating areas and park benches and a pond.

Kgame said that the river along the N18 road was the only recreational spot for residents in Warrenton.

“It is dangerous because there have been a number of drownings and people get killed on the way home, where they either get knocked over by a motor vehicle or are killed in accidents when they cross the busy road.

“The area is also populated with criminals who rob and rape people frequenting the area. We were really hoping that residents in Ikhutseng would be able to enjoy a safe park, where they can relax, but it seems as if this will never become a reality.”

Kgame believed that the memorial park was not an impossible feat.

“The plans were approved in 2010 and it seems that there is a reluctance to start any development in Warrenton. We have made various attempts to request assistance for the use of equipment to build the park. For months, we have been given the run-around. The entire community is prepared to volunteer their services to make this park a reality.”

The spokesperson for Magareng Municipality, Thapelo Jacobs, indicated that in 2010 council had decided to develop a memorial park that would serve to honour and preserve the history of local fallen Struggle heroes.

“A site was also identified and land made available. Due to the unavailability of funding the idea has not seen the light of day,” said Jacobs.

He added that a group of community members had recently approached the municipality with the hope of reviving the project.

“The municipality is prepared to work with anyone to see the idea to fruition. We are also prepared to approach the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture and the Heritage Council for possible funding.”

Jacobs also explained that many areas in Warrenton had been without water as a result of load shedding.

Residents reported that they had no running water for over two weeks.

Jacobs stated that water tankers were supplying water to the affected residents, as a contingency measure.