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Night vigils, overnight church services and gatherings banned


Dawid Kruiper Municipality

NIGHT vigils, overnight church services and gatherings before and after funerals are some of the measures that have been prohibited by the Dawid Kruiper Municipality in an attempt to curb the spread and infection of Covid-19. 

Municipality spokesperson, Patrick Williams, said strict burial measures will apply to burial services during the Covid-19 outbreak.

“The funeral service must be conducted at the home of the bereaved family. No funeral service can be held in a tent, church, community hall or at schools The funeral service at the cemetery must not exceed one hour. Catering must only be takeaways and no gathering will be permitted at the bereaved family’s home after the funeral,” said Williams.

He said the municipality, at the time of the President Cyril Ramaphosa’s announcement on the restrictions, had already implemented the necessary measures to ensure the safety of municipal employees and residents.

“Our municipal resorts have been closed. Those who made bookings at any of our resorts have been fully refunded. People who also made bookings for municipal halls to host functions were also refunded. This was done in line with the President’s call that gatherings of large groups is not allowed,” he said.

He said essential services and financial services would, however, continue.

“The pre-paid and debt-collection cashier services will function as normal and will be open from 9am until 11am during the duration of the lockdown. The same services will also be provided from 5pm until 6pm every day during the lockdown,” he said.

He urged residents to also make use of vendors to purchase pre-paid electricity.

“Municipal pre-paid electricity is sold by vendors who will be operating from 8am until 7pm. Residents must remember to have their pre-paid electricity token with them as proof of their movement if they are approached by the  police,” Williams advised.

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