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New regulations cutting into our time – hairdressers


Although they are happy to have to the green light to operate, hairdressers say the new Covid-19 operating procedures are time consuming.

File image. Picture: Reuters

A NUMBER of hairdressers in Kimberley have indicated that although they are elated that they have been given the green light by government to reopen, the new Covid-19 operating procedures are time consuming.

A city hairdresser pointed out on Wednesday that she, like most of her colleagues in the industry, has been feeling the financial pinch due to not having any income for almost three months.

“We are glad that we can finally open our doors to our clients. We had to live without any income for months and it was very strenuous financially. We were all happy to hear that hair salons can now open and we can make an income. The new regulations, however, are making it a bit challenging to operate,” she said. 

“I am currently not open to clients as I have to get everything in order. I am the only person working at my salon and I am currently busy compiling the paperwork and the necessary personal protective equipment, including a digital thermometer, which are required by the regulations. 

“As per the regulations, clients need to be screened and their personal information needs to be written down in a register and I also have to take the temperature of each client before they enter. As I am the only one responsible for all of that, I am aware that the number of clients I will be able to see each day will be limited as I will have to put aside time for the cleaning and sanitising. We are required to sanitise and clean after each client has left.”

She said that she had delayed reopening in order to ensure that she adheres to all the regulations.

“I do not want to put the health of my clients at risk. I also have to take my own health into consideration. In an ideal situation, I would appoint a cleaner and screener, but I do not have the funds to do so,” she said.

The owner of Amazing Hair in Rhodesdene said her premises allows her to adhere to the regulations and to maintain social distancing.

“We are only two hair stylists at the salon. The salon is also big enough so clients are not sitting close to each other. We have about three chairs which separate the clients and our basin is also located in the far end of the salon,” she said.

She said that they have been operating since the lockdown on hair salons was lifted.

“We have been practising good hygiene all along since we are salon,” she pointed out. “Currently we are sanitising the stations before and after our clients leave. We also only work on one client at time. The sanitising, cleaning and screening process is time consuming as one needs about 15 to 20 minutes before you can attend to your normal duties. We are, however, grateful that we can again operate.”

She said that it is not clear at this stage whether the regulations will hamper the profitability of the business.

“We have only been open for about a week. We will have to assess during the coming months whether it has been profitable to open our doors or not,” she said.