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New R105m school will benefit pupils as well as community – MEC


A newly constructed multimillion-rand primary school was officially opened by Northern Cape Premier Dr Zamani Saul and MEC for Education Zolilie Monakali in Douglas on Thursday.

Northern Cape Premier Zamani Saul at the opening of the school. Picture: Supplied

A NEWLY constructed R105 million primary school was officially opened by Northern Cape Premier Dr Zamani Saul and MEC for Education Zolile Monakali in Douglas on Thursday.

The school will accommodate 60 Grade R pupils, 1,000 Grade 1 to 6 pupils and 22 teachers.

Monakali said the school is equipped with facilities that will benefit the community as well as pupils.

“This school received an award for the best parental participation in the 2021 school governing body (SGB) elections in the country, which is a clear indication that the school community is actively involved in the education of their children,” said Monakali.

“The school is equipped with a wide range of facilities that will benefit the learners and the community. Some of these facilities include a science laboratory, computer rooms, a media room, school library, science centre, nutrition room and a combination court for netball, volleyball and tennis.

“The significance of this occasion extends beyond the establishment and opening of the school. There is no better investment that an individual, parent and nation can make than an investment in education of the highest possible quality. I am confident that this new school will contribute immensely to changing the learning environment to one that is conducive to quality public education.”

Monakali urged parents and community members to take pride in the school and to protect it against any vandalism or criminal activity.

“Let us look after this school. We cannot sit back and watch people vandalise the school. A parent does not allow anyone to enter their house and watch that person break the windows. The same principles must apply to the protection of this school. It is the duty of the community to ensure that they guard the school like their own personal property.

This school is for the benefit of our children and will ensure that they have a brighter future. After acquiring an education, our children can contribute positively to the development of this Province.”

He commended the SGB and the principal for the active role they played.

“Even before the construction of the school was completed, the principal indicated that she wanted to make sure that the construction process goes smoothly and there are no incidents of theft. The SGB also assisted in the process,” Monakali said.

Saul said that the education and success of pupils, as well as the pass rate of a school, is reliant on the relationship with the parents, teachers and pupils.

“When one looks at the successful results of a school, one can clearly see that all these parties play their active role. Parents should be at the forefront of education and assist in the running of the school. Parents should be in charge of the school.

“Next, it is the teacher. A teacher who takes their career seriously. Teachers cannot come to school drunk or not teach in class.

“Then the learner also needs to be disciplined. The parents also play a vital role in the discipline process of the learner. The parents cannot leave the discipline of their child solely in the hands of the teacher. The learner needs to make sure they strive for a brighter future and the only way to acquire that is through education,” said Saul.

He added that this investment is to ensure that there are positive building blocks invested in the future of the youth of the Province.

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