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NC’s top-achieving maths, science pupils awarded laptops, tablets


Northern Cape Department of Education rewards 80 top grade 11 and 12 performers

File picture: Courtney Africa / African News Agency (ANA)

EIGHTY top-performing Grade 11 and Grade 12 mathematics and science pupils in the Northern Cape were awarded with laptops and tablets by the provincial Department of Education in collaboration with Stellenbosch University.

The department said that 40 Grade 11 top achievers were issued with tablets, while 40 Grade 12 top achievers received laptops. 

Northern Cape Department of Education spokesperson Geoffrey van der Merwe said the devices were loaded with data so that the pupils could access the virtual platforms that will assist them with their studies.

“These devices are loaded monthly with 10 gigs of day-time data and 20 gigs of night-time data in order for pupils to access the virtual platforms of curriculum material. The data provided is used to access the Talent Development Programme (TDP)-online website of the university. The university is broadcasting real-time lessons to these devices and is also providing videos on all the content of mathematics and physical sciences,” said Van der Merwe. 

“The recipients of these devices had to achieve 70% and above in both mathematics and science to be eligible for selection to the programme.”

Van der Merwe said that due to Covid-19 the regular top-achievers’ camps, which usually take place during the autumn, winter and spring holidays, had been suspended.

“In the past, the programme entailed five-day residential Grade 12 top-achievers’ camps during the autumn, winter and spring holidays. Due to Covid-19, the original programme had to be suspended and in its place pupils received these devices so that the programme can continue, albeit via a virtual platform.  

“In 2021, the format of the programme will in all likelihood revert to its original residential camp format. Consultation will, however, be initiated for the incoming pupils to also be issued with a tablet to enable them to have access to not only the residential camps but also the virtual platforms,” Van der Merwe said.