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NC woman takes business to new heights


Sanna Sebone continues to work towards pursuing her vision of becoming a leading general building and civic works resource.

Budding entrepreneur Sanna Sebone. Picture: Supplied

WHILE the Afrimat Construction Index showed during the first quarter of 2022 that sector activity remained subdued, budding entrepreneur Sanna Sebone has grown her company with her own funds.

Sebongi Construction, which Sebone started in 2018, is a 100 percent woman-owned construction company operating in the Northern Cape.

Sebone is pursuing her vision of becoming a leading general building and civic works resource in the Province, winning what she calls high-value projects.

The company seems on track to realise this vision as it already employs 179 people.

She won her first project in 2019, and has since successfully completed projects in the mining industry, roads and earthworks.

The company is currently partnering on a solar tower project in the region.

Sebone has struggled to attract new clients in the highly competitive industry, and while her technical knowledge is strong, she admits she needs help with her financial management skills.

She turned to the mining giant, Anglo American’s enterprise development arm, Zimele.

Sebone said this was what helped her take her business to the next level.

“We received intensive training and support in financial management, marketing and growth strategies. They have helped us improve our business management skills immeasurably and set a blueprint for future growth,” Sebone said.

The business experienced 187 percent growth in revenues during the nine-month training programme at a time when she was also juggling running a business and being a full-time Masters student.

Zimele – which means ‘Stand on your own’ in Nguni languages – was established in 1989 to develop emerging black businesses, empower entrepreneurs and support SMMEs with the right tools, skills and networks to grow their businesses.

Anglo American’s Head of Zimele, Larisha Naidoo, said: “We’re fiercely committed to stepping up the pace of change in the SME sectors in which we operate. Sebongi’s success is a great example of how entrepreneur development can drive sustainable local procurement activity – and, more importantly, create a lasting impact through skills development, job creation, thriving businesses and more prosperous communities.”


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