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NC town’s water cut due to non-payment


Sedibeng Water stopped the water supply to the town and surrounding areas on April 16 due to non-payment by Phokwane Municipality.

RESIDENTS in Pampierstad and surrounding areas have been forced to collect water from the river after Sedibeng Water issued a notice of a water cut due to non-payment.

The notice from Sedibeng Water stated that the water supply to the town would be stopped on April 16 until payment has been received. Other affected areas include Sakhile, lower Majeakgoro, Mountain View and Sekhing le Seoding.

The spokesperson for the Socialist Revolutionary Workers Party, Thapelo Thole, said they were concerned that children, who are being sent to the river to collect water, are in danger of drowning.

“Water cuts were implemented a while back due to non-payment. Some areas had limited access to water during the past week, but the situation is getting worse. People have not been able to flush their toilets, take a bath, prepare food hygienically or do laundry,” said Thole.

“Residents are being denied a basic right while they have been settling their municipal accounts. Municipal officials are not affected because they have boreholes and water tanks and can afford to buy purified bottles of water. Residents living in rural areas are being placed at risk of contracting Covid-19 because they are unable to regularly wash their hands.”

Thole added that people who do have access to transport are driving more than 30 kilometres to collect water from surrounding towns.

“People are also making use of donkey carts and horse carriages to transport water in buckets.”

The spokesperson for Phokwane Municipality, Kgalalelo Letshabo, stated that the municipality was in discussions with Sedibeng Water regarding the water cuts in Pampierstad

“The municipality is also waiting for supporting documents regarding Sedibeng Water’s operations and maintenance,” said Letshabo.

She claimed that Sedibeng Water suspended the water cuts after the municipality made a payment on April 15.

“The municipality has made water tanks available in areas that do not have water. Once discussions are concluded the community will be informed accordingly.”