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NC Premier to host delegation from Namibia


Province enjoys strong relations and have a lot in common

Sylvia Lucas. File picture

THE PREMIER of the Northern Cape, Sylvia Lucas, together with members of her executive council, will host a Namibian delegation from the //Kharas region in Kimberley today.

The Namibian delegation will be led by the regional chairperson of the //Kharas region, Jan Scholtz. He will be accompanied by senior government officials from various ministries in the //Kharas region.

According to the Office of the Premier, the Northern Cape and the //Kharas region of Namibia enjoy strong relations and the strategic partnership between the two finds expression in a joint co-operation agreement that was entered into in 1999 by former Northern Cape premier Manne Dipico and the then governor of the //Kharas region.

“We do not only share a common border but our history shows a number of striking similarities. These similarities pertain to culture, language and our economies. The geographical closeness, historical experiences and other common characteristics make the two regional entities the obvious choice for such an alliance,” a statement issued by the Office of the Premier said.