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NC govt to insource security services


Between 5 000 to 6 000 private security officials who are currently working at government departments in the Northern Cape will have the opportunity to become permanent government employees following a decision by Premier Zamani Saul to insource security services.

Northern Cape Premier Dr Zamani Saul is joined by the MEC for Transport, Safety and Liaison, Nomandla Bloem, and the MEC for Public Works, Fufe Makatong, at the Insourcing of Security Services launch at Mittah Seperepere Convention Centre in Kimberley. Picture: Soraya Crowie.

BETWEEN 5 000 to 6 000 private security officials who are currently working at government departments in the Northern Cape will have the opportunity to become permanent government employees following a decision by Premier Zamani Saul to insource security services.

Saul this week launched the Northern Cape Provincial Security Services at the Mittah Seperepere Convention Centre in Kimberley.

The new programme will see all security services rendered at government departments being insourced.

A total of 124 security officials were inaugurated at the launch.

The security officials will be employed at the provincial Department of Agriculture, the Office of the Premier, the Department of Transport, Safety and Liaison, the Department of Economic Development and Tourism and at the Kimberley mental health hospital.

Saul said that the absorption of the security officials will have a positive impact on the lives of those who are currently employed in the sector.

“The provincial government has spent several millions of rand on contracts with security companies. However, when one looks at the security officials employed by some of these security companies, it does not reflect that companies are paid so much,” said Saul.

“I never pass a security official dispatched at some of our government departments without asking them how much they are paid. I would receive a response of R4 500 per month. In some instances, one hears of R8 000 per month for those in senior security positions. The officials we will be insourcing will start at Level 3. The salary scale for those employed in a Level 3 position is between R15 000 and R18 000 per month.

“These security officials will now be provincial government employees. The same as all employees of government, they will also have access to a number of benefits within government. This will definitely improve the quality of their lives.”

Saul added that the provincial government will over the next three years phase out the outsourcing of security services at provincial departments.

“In the coming three years, we will do away with procuring security services from private companies. This programme will be rolled out over the next three years. The next advert that will be placed will be for the employment of 150 security guards. Those who are absorbed and employed will be in different departments in the Province.”

Saul said that the reason for phasing out process is to ensure that it is done thoroughly.

“We do the insourcing process in phases in order to do it properly. We do not want to be left embarrassed like other provinces who have tried their hand at this process. We do not want to rush and make mistakes along the way. However, we should not employ a private security company at our departments after three years.”

Saul advised those who have been absorbed into the system to conduct their duties with dignity and passion.

“You (the security officials present at the launch) are the first people the public make contact with when they are visiting our department offices. If you are rude to the public, the people will automatically label all the employees at that department as being rude. We need people who are always willing to assist the public with eagerness and passion.”

Saul added that this eagerness and passion for their work might lead to other opportunities within government office.

“We also need to train you. You cannot be a security official for the next three years. You also need to evolve and upskill yourself. There are many people who have worked themselves into greater positions. There are some positions we might not have to advertise or search for candidates as some of you might have secured the skills for the position. We will invest massive amounts in the training of security officials and to equip them for the future.”

Saul concluded by noting that the decision to insource security personnel, with the plan being in the pipeline since 2019, has not been an easy one.

“The decision to insource is not an easy one. To add about 6 000 people to the current government personnel we have in the Province is a large number and not a decision to be taken lightly. It will cost us more than R200 million to absorb these security officials.”

He urged executive council members to ensure that the right people are employed.

“The next phase of insourcing should not be an opportunity to secure positions for your relatives who are unemployed, but for those who rightfully deserve it,” he warned.

Labour unions at the launch called on Saul to also insource cleaning services at provincial departments.

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