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NC Education dept to alert parents on school placement


Parents will have seven days to accept or reject school placement offers, says department.

File picture: Courtney Africa/African News Agency (ANA)

NORTHERN Cape parents who applied for school placement on the provincial Department of Education’s online admissions system will on November 16 know which school has accepted or declined their application.

Department spokesperson Geoffrey van der Merwe said on Tuesday: “Parents and legal guardians who have applied, will receive a system-generated SMS from November 16 on the successful or unsuccessful placement of their child. Parents will be required to log on to the www.ncdoeadmissions.org website to either accept or decline the placement within seven working days. Appeals must be lodged with the Office of the MEC and will only be considered if they are based on incorrect or unfair application criteria as set by the head of department.”

He added that the department is working around the clock to process the thousands of applications received.

“The department is hard at work to finalise the placement of learners by the end of the 2020 school academic year. We have introduced for the very first time the online admissions system, which was open for applications from September 14 to October 9, 2020. During this period the department received a total of 56 449 applications for the 2021 school academic year. We regard the early enrolment of learners as a priority for the successful start of the school academic year. Over the years, the start of a new school academic year has become synonymous with parents queuing at schools and district offices, seeking placement for their children.”

Van der Merwe said that parents who had missed the opportunity to apply will be informed when the system will reopen for late admissions.

“The online admissions system is currently closed for admission applications in order to process the placement of learners. The department will indicate to parents when the system will reopen to allow for late admissions,” he said.