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NC Dept intensifies road safety campaign


‘We need to stop corruption and, just as we make a call on traffic officers not to accept bribes, we must call on our citizens to stop offering bribes”

THE DEPARTMENT of Transport, Safety and Liaison will intensify road safety operations during its “Arrive Alive 24/7 Waya Waya” campaign that runs from November 19 until January 31, as holiday makers travel to their destinations over the festive season.

Department spokesperson Patsy Alley said that law enforcement officers and stakeholders would be visible on the roads in an attempt to reduce fatalities by intensifying traffic policing activities and adopting a zero tolerance approach.

“This campaign plan forms part of a 365 days, 24/7 implementation plan based on the approved national road safety strategy that was drafted for the Arrive Alive festive season road safety campaign,” said Alley.

She added that special attention would be placed on increasing road patrols on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays between 6pm to 11pm when accidents and fatalities are prevalent.

“Factors causing accidents include tyre bursts, failed brakes, passenger overloading, driving under the influence of alcohol, speeding, cellphone use while driving, dangerous overtaking, unfit vehicles, fatigue, jaywalking and pedestrian negligence.

“In order to make a real impact, we need to mobilise our communities to rally behind the campaign. If we all work together, abide by the rules of the road and respect law enforcement operations, we can rid our road networks of irresponsible, reckless drivers, drinking and driving, speeding and other dangerous road behaviour.”

She stated that critical routes were identified, according to previous years’ trends of accidents and fatalities.

“Road blocks, checking the roadworthiness of public transport, stop and checks, overload control of freight transport and road safety education at taxi stations will take place along these routes to promote maximum visibility and impact in reducing accidents and fatalities.”

The MEC for Transport, Safety and Liaison, Nontobeko Vilakazi, called upon all road users to co-operate with traffic officers and not to obstruct the law.

‘We need to stop corruption and, just as we make a call on traffic officers not to accept bribes, we must call on our citizens to stop offering bribes,” said Vilakazi.

“Plan your trips well, rest often and ensure your car is roadworthy. Never drink and drive, wear your seat belt at all times, do not speed and never overtake on a barrier line. Let us celebrate this festive season in peace and safety and remember, always, to Arrive Alive.”

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