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NC Command Council meets


Saul said more than 388 076 people were screened for Covid-19 in the Province at health facilities and roadblocks during the first few weeks.

Over 6 000 people in the Province have been arrested for contravening the national lockdown regulations. 

Following a provincial Covid-19 Command Council meeting, held over the weekend, the Premier Dr Zamani Saul said on Monday that non-compliance with the National Disaster Management Act regulations ranged from failure to confine to places of residence, operating businesses without a permit, selling of cigarettes, liquor or transportation of liquor during the lockdown period to non-compliance by taxis in terms of operating hours. 

“I wish to thank law-abiding citizens for providing invaluable information to law enforcers about defaulters of the regulations. I also wish to thank members of the SAPS, SANDF and traffic officers for their commitment in ensuring that there is compliance with the regulations. Our law enforcement and security agencies continue to enforce regulations and undertake anti-crime operations.”

He added that the police had arrested a suspect for allegedly raping an 82-year-old woman from Noupoort earlier this month. 

“The suspect has already appeared in court.”

Saul said more than 388 076 people were screened for Covid-19 in the Province at health facilities and roadblocks during the first few weeks, followed by a mass screening programme in communities in all districts.

“The Province has sent more than 895 swab samples for laboratory testing by the National Health Laboratory Service (NHLS). These laboratory tests have currently resulted in a total of 17 Covid-19 positive cases being identified in the Northern Cape.”

He added that food relief was distributed to 25 555 households, reaching about 125 000 people. 

“On average, we distributed food packages to approximately 1500 households per day. The distribution of food parcels will continue this week in all five districts.” 

He outlined the criteria for food relief. 

“This includes zero income households who were verified and confirmed by social workers. The homeless, sickly and child headed households will be prioritised.”

He added that service users of soup kitchens and nutrition centres, would also receive preference. 

“The Department of Social Development identied users informed by the municipal indigent list.”

He stated that various donors had generously given food and other essential goods towards providing relief to the poor and vulnerable. 

“We continue providing homeless people with temporary shelter, food and sanitisers.

“We would like to thank all business people, NPOs and NGOs who are working with us to provide more food relief to needy families. We are calling for more donations to meet the growing food security needs of our communities.”

 Saul indicated that 668 water tanks were delivered and 379 water storage tanks. 

“There is a daily increase in the delivery numbers in terms of storage tanks as well as hygiene products such as soap and sanitisers.”

He thanked all essential services workers and reminded the public to adhere to good hygiene practices, wear cloth masks and gloves and avoid touching their eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands. 

“Frequently touched objects and surfaces at home and work should be regularly cleaned and disinfected.”