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NC churches to meet over lack of municipal land


Church leaders say there has been no progress in the allocation of municipal land

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THE PROVINCIAL Churches Leaders Organisation will hold its last general meeting on Sunday to discuss the outstanding allocation of municipal land to local churches.

The secretary general of the Provincial Churches Leaders Organisation, pastor David Setilo, said that despite promises to avail land to the churches, there had been no progress on the matter.

“Some land was allocated to certain churches while the rest of us have been left hanging. We are prepared to pay for the provision of basic services such as water and lights if the land can be availed to us,” said Setilo.

He stated that letters they had sent to Sol Plaatje Municipality seeking assistance had fallen on deaf ears.

“Now is the time to occupy the land. We will execute the land grabs before next year’s local government elections.”

Setilo indicated that churches from all over the Northern Cape were expected to attend Sunday’s meeting.