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NC care workers only receive part payment

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COMMUNITY health workers (CHWs) in the Northern Cape only received a part payment in line with the minimum wage regulations.

South African Liberated Public Sector Workers Union (Salipswu) provincial organiser Thapelo Thole stated that care workers only received R817.45 on December 6.

“No indication was given as to when the balance would be paid out. This is only happening in the Northern Cape, while other provinces have complied,” said Thole.

He pointed out that the purpose of the minimum wage was to protect workers against unduly low pay.

“This ensures a just and equitable share, where employees are duly protected. A minimum wage can assist in overcoming poverty and in reducing inequality. The Northern Cape Department of Health is not complying with the minimum wage regulations that were implemented by the Department of Labour.”

Thole added that it went against fair labour practices to split minimum wage payments.

“The department is taking a long time to pay. Community health-care workers have been waiting for 10 months for backpay owed to them.

“They are being treated as if they borrowed money from loan sharks.”

The spokesperson for the Northern Cape Department of Health, Lulu Mxekezo, stated that the balance would be paid along with the December salary run.

“The payment is an adjustment to the current remunerative payment paid to CHWs. The request to amend the payment was done programmatically on the Persal system,” said Mxekezo.

She added that the adjustment of the standard remuneration for CHWs came into effect from March 1, 2021.

“This adjustment is only applicable to community health workers, as per the amendment resolution 1 of 2018 Agreement on the Standardisation of Remuneration for Community Health Workers.”

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