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NC ANC calls off John Taolo Gaetsewe regional conference due to low turn-out


The Northern Cape provincial executive committee will meet on Monday to discuss the way forward

Low turn-out at the JTG regional conference. Picture: Facebook

A LOW turn-out of delegates at the ANC regional conference in the John Taolo Gaetsewe District in the Northern Cape forced the party’s provincial executive committee (PEC) to call off the scheduled conference until further notice.

ANC provincial secretary Deshi Ngxangxa said a decision was taken to postpone the JTG regional conference on Saturday night.

“The conference was called off at exactly 10pm last night, May 22, 2021, by the provincial chairperson due to the fact that we could not meet the quorum. Two-hundred and 70 candidates were invited and we expected at least 50% plus one of the total delegates before we could start, which means we needed 136 delegates at the conference. At 10pm, only 92 delegates were present and as a result we had to call it off,” Ngxangxa said on Sunday.

“The ANC is the epitome of democracy and its adherence to constitutional prescripts as well as guidelines regulating conferences is not partial but wholly unwavering,” he added.

ANC provincial chairperson Zamani Saul announced the postponement of the JTG regional conference until further notice. Picture: Facebbok

Ngxangxa said the PEC will meet on Monday to discuss the way forward.

“The PEC will meet on Monday to deliberate on the matter and advise on a further course of action. We regret the inconvenience that this action has caused to the branch delegates who were looking forward to participating in the internal democratic proceedings of the organisation and the festival of ideas that this conference could have generated,” he said.