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Murder accused denied bail


Aldean Wilkinson is charged for the murder of his girlfriend. Danielle van der Linde.

Murder accused Aldean Wilkinson, was denied bail in the Kimberley Magistrates’ Court on Monday. Picture Sandi Kwon Hoo

Murder accused Aldean Wilkinson, 30, was denied bail in the Kimberley Magistrates’ Court on Monday.

He was charged for the murder of his girlfriend Danielle van der Linde, 29, who was 10 weeks pregnant at the time of her death.

She died on the scene after she was stabbed in the neck and was found by the police, lying in a pool of blood, next to the bed.

Magistrate Salome Maimane-Booi pointed out that the court had a duty to prevent the scourge of gender based violence (GBV).

“Perpetrators of GBV must be refused bail. Women are supposed to feel safe in their homes and yet they are being undermined and killed by their partners. Murder is a serious offence, especially where GBV is involved. The high rate of GBV is negatively impacting upon the justice system. ”

She noted the allegations of a history of violence, where an incident occurred in 2017 as well as the emotional state of the family and the community.

Maimane-Booi believed that the state had a strong prima facie case against the accused where he could face a 15-year sentence if he was convicted.

“The deceased and accused were in an intimate relationship for 13 years. The crime evoked a sense of shock and outrage from the community. Whether the deceased was killed in full view of her nine-year-old son is irrelevant, at this point.

“There are 164 signatures on a petition as well as an online petition urging for the accused not to be granted bail. If Wilkinson is released it may lead to public disorder where his safety may be jeopardised and the public will lose confidence in the criminal justice system.”

Maimane-Booi pointed out that Wilkinson posed a risk of evading trial as he was not formally employed and did not have any assets.

“The investigating officer testified that Wilkinson handed himself over to the police; he had done so because he was aware that community members were outraged over the incident.”

She noted that he had been detained for one month, following his arrest.

Legal representative for Wilkinson, Kenneth Juries, indicated that despite requests to keep his client at the Kimberley Police Station’s holding cells after his last court appearance, he was transported to the Kimberley Correctional Services Centre where his twin brother is employed as a correctional services officer.

The matter was postponed until July 26 for further investigation.

Aldean Wilkinson is led back to the cells after he was denied bail. Picture Sandi Kwon Hoo
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