Home News More city children sick as sewage water flows again

More city children sick as sewage water flows again


“A letter has been prepared for distribution to all tenants to highlight the misuse of the sewage system”

HOSPITALISED: Shekeenah Roos,with her grandmother Lena and mother Landi, is seen here in hospital. Picture: Soraya Crowie

ELECTRO Park residents are considering legal action after more children have presented with symptoms similar to those of two-year-old Shekeenah Roos, who was hospitalised for several infections after coming into contact with contaminated water in the area.

According to residents, there is a lot of sewage water flowing in Electro Park as the drains are overflowing.

Houses in the area are rented from Transnet, which is also responsible for the provision of certain basic services.

However, Transnet said in a statement on Friday that the issue of the blocked sewage drains had been resolved.

“A colleague based in Kimberley went on site and confirmed that all is well. Someone will be requested to go check again and give feedback. Should there be a problem the contractor will be requested to go back and resolve (the problem),” Transnet spokesperson Thembikele Klaas said.

She added that a report was submitted and it details the cause of the blockage as stones, sanitary pads, disposable nappies and shoes.

“A letter has been prepared for distribution to all tenants to highlight the misuse of the sewage system,” Klaas said.

Shekeenah’s mother, Landi, said that after a doctor had tested a sample of Shekeenah’s stool he had diagnosed a “dangerous” infection in her whole body that had spread to her intestines.

Several parents in Electro Park believe that their children have also been affected by the water.

Last week, Transnet and the Sol Plaatje Municipality visited the area and drained a large pool of contaminated water.

The drains were unblocked, enabling the pool of water to drain away.

The residents’ joy was short lived, however, as the drains are overflowing again.

Lena Roos, Shekeenah’s grandmother, said that while her daughter Landi was busy with washing recently, dirty water started seeping out of the drains.

“There are a lot of children that come and play in my yard. We saw what happened to Shekeenah and we don’t want it to happen to the others. However, I can take you right now to other houses and you can look at the children. They have sores on their bodies and in their mouths,” said Lena.

“Shekeenah nearly died from the infections she developed from being exposed to the contaminated water. I can also point out other residents who are ill from the water. There is also a grandmother who can’t talk or walk and day in and day out she has to breathe in the foul air from the drains.

“It can’t go on like this. Something needs to be done.”

She added that some of the residents were being forced to use the “bucket system” again.

“They can’t use the toilets in their houses because every time they flush, the faeces just floats out of the toilet and onto the bathroom floor.

“We are definitely not pigs and don’t deserve to be treated in this manner. Must one of our children or elderly residents die before any long-term plans are put in place?”