Home News Modified car owners protest against “unfair” traffic fines

Modified car owners protest against “unfair” traffic fines


Northern Cape motorists organise motorcade in Kimberley to protest against the unfair treatment of modified vehicles and their owners

The motorcade at the Oppenheimer Gardens. Pictures: Soraya Crowie

MORE than 100 motorists from around the Northern Cape participated in a motorcade through Kimberley on Sunday in solidarity with a national protest against “unfair” traffic fines.

The motorists, many of whom belong to various car clubs, assembled at the North Cape Mall and then proceeded to the Oppenheimer Gardens, where they “chilled” in the afternoon.

They said that they are “sick and tired” of being targeted by traffic officials and being issued fines for modifications to their vehicles.

One of the local motorists, Taariq Mohamed, complained that they are being victimised for modifying their vehicles and are often fined and threatened that their vehicles will be scrapped.

“We get fines for performing stunts, dropping our vehicle suspension and adding louder exhausts,” said Mohamed.

A stunt events organiser from Johannesburg, Chad Britton, questioned the fines, pointing out that car modifications are readily available for sale.

Britton did, however, highlight that the “attitude of traffic officials in Kimberley is not as bad as in bigger cities”.

“In metro cities they would not hesitate to scrap a vehicle and accuse it of damaging the road. It is actually vice versa, because the roads are already in a poor condition and damaging our vehicles,” he said.

Britton said that he had come to the Northern Cape to assist local clubs with establishing stunt events and to help with protest action.

The police arrived at the Oppenheimer Gardens shortly after the motorcade and patrolled the area.

Mohamed assured local residents that it is a peaceful protest and that organisers ensured that everyone observed Covid-19 regulations.