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MK vets who invaded land in NC face disciplinary action


A PEC member of the uMkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans Association indicated on Monday that they were acting without a mandate.

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MEMBERS of the uMkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans Association (MKMVA) who have invaded land in Kuruman and Warrenton could face disciplinary action and possible expulsion.

A group of military veterans started erecting shacks near the Tsineng road in Kuruman, along the R31, on October 18, claiming that the land had been awarded to them by way of a council resolution that was taken in 2013.

The land was later sold to a private developer.

The veterans stated that they were forced to vacate the site after they were shot at by private security on October 22.

An urgent court application that was brought by the owner of the land, Sobray CC, to enforce an interdict to prevent occupation of the land, will resume in the Northern Cape High Court on Tuesday.

Land was also recently invaded by a group of military veterans in Kuruman.

A provincial executive committee (PEC) member of the uMkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans Association, Michael Wolfe, indicated on Monday that the members were acting without a mandate.

“They intentionally flouted protocol by evading to talk to the ANC or the MKMVA. They represented themselves and deserve to be subjected to a disciplinary tribunal and may face expulsion from the MKMVA,” said Wolfe.

“The leadership of the MKMVA will meet with the ANC PEC to discuss the issue of land grabs very soon, as well as possible disciplinary measures.

“Land invasion outside the ambit of political guidance is dangerous and out of order.

“There was never any resolution to grab land and the members never consulted with the PEC of the MKMVA. They acted outside the structures and without consultation. The members had an opportunity to meet with the premier in the same week that land was invaded but they never disclosed their intentions.”

Wolfe added that only three members of the MKMVA are believed to be involved in the illegal invasion of land in Kuruman and Warrenton.

“These members are acting in their own capacity to enrich their personal interests. The PEC distances itself from their thuggish actions. It appears as if civilians were involved to make it appear as if it is a big group of people.”

Wolfe stated that it was uncertain where the members were obtaining funding for their legal representation.

“MK veterans are prohibited from raising funds on behalf of the association or for their own use.

“uMkhonto we Sizwe is a disciplined armed wing of the ANC. As a structure of the ruling party we abide by all orders through MK commanders.

“At the advent of democracy in 1994, after MK was dissolved, the MKMVA now operates as an association of and within the ANC. The discipline of MK military veterans was never lost. We wish to react against the conduct of undisciplined members of the MKMVA who went on their own, without the knowledge and mandate of the provincial structure of the MKMVA.”

Wolfe expressed confidence that the political leadership would provide houses, employment, deployment and business opportunities to the military veterans.