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‘Miracle baby’ born in salon


Mom didn't know she was pregnant

BEAUTIFUL BOY: A worker at a city beauty salon gave birth to a baby boy unexpectedly on Monday. Picture: Supplied

A Kimberley woman this week got the “surprise of her life” when she unexpectedly gave birth, while visiting the toilet at the beauty salon where she works.

Jamie Dibitso, 29, yesterday said she had “no idea” that she was pregnant but gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Monday afternoon, after experiencing some stomach cramps.

She said yesterday that she thought she was getting her period, when a baby “fell out of me and landed in the toilet”.

She screamed for help and co-workers, who came to assist her, phoned an ambulance.

One co-worker, Natasha Finch, said they wrapped the baby in towels, and then helped deliver the after-birth. Meanwhile, while still waiting for an ambulance, someone managed to get hold of a doctor, who arrived on the scene to cut the umbilical cord.

Dibitso was then transferred to hospital with her baby and was discharged yesterday morning.

While Dibitso could not receive any visitors yesterday, according to her religious beliefs, she did say that the baby, who weighed 3.16 kilogrammes at birth, was happy and healthy. He is named Kapelo Ernest Dibitso.

“I was extremely confused and worried when it happened but was relieved when he started to cry,” she said.

The baby is her third child.

Finch yesterday called on Kimberley residents to open their hearts and assist the mother who “had nothing” to care for the child.

“The baby came as a massive surprise to all of us, as no-one knew she was pregnant,” she concluded.