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Meades to face more charges


Meades allegedly tried to kill his girlfriend recently by running over her with his bakkie

IN COURT: Well-known city businessman Louis Meades. Picture: Danie van der Lith

IT IS BELIEVED that additional charges, including kidnapping and assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm, will be added to the attempted murder charge that prominent city businessman Louis Meades is facing, during his bail hearing later this week.

Meades allegedly tried to kill his girlfriend recently by running over her with his bakkie.

The alleged incident is believed to have taken place in an open piece of veld in Southridge on January 23 at approximately 7.30pm.

Following the postponing of the bail application in the Kimberley Magistrate’s Court yesterday, defence attorney Jessie Clark made a special request to the court to keep Meades in the holding cells at the Phakamile Mabija Street police station due to the medication his client is receiving. Magistrate Dolly Mokoto then enquired about the medical condition Meades is suffering from.

“We need to know what medication he is receiving and the nature of his condition so as to determine whether it will be in be the best interest of justice to keep him in the Phakamile Mabija holding cells or to transfer him to a prison facility,” Mokoto said.

“By keeping him at the Phakamile Mabija holding cells we are in danger of setting a precedent. The Phakamile Mabija holding cells are just that – a holding cell where suspects who have just been arrested are kept in custody. Meades does not fall into this category.

“There have been many suspects who have abused this. I certainly hope Meades is not one of them.”

Clark then told the court that this was not the case.

“At this point, we do not want to disclose the nature of his condition or the medication he is receiving. We will do that during the bail application,” Clark said.

Meades will remain incarcerated at the police holding cells until his bail application is heard later this week.

However, before the bail application hearing can take place, Mokoto indicated that a decision needed to be made whether the charges against Meades should be treated as schedule one or schedule six offences, following the inclusion of additional charges.

It is believed that besides the attempted murder, kidnapping and assault charges, he may also be facing malicious injury to property and reckless/negligent driving.

It is further believed that the alleged victim has obtained a protection order against Meades.