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Mayor is working ‘outside the office’


Matika indicated that he would resign as both mayor and councillor

Mangaliso Matika

SOL PLAATJE executive mayor Mangaliso Matika is currently working “outside the office” as his official date of resignation will only come into effect as from September 26.

According to his resignation letter that was handed in last week, Matika indicated that he would resign as both mayor and councillor.

He expressed his special appreciation for councillors and thanked staff at the institution for their support and co-operation during his term of office.

Those who took part in protest action urging for his removal believed that this flew in the face of the announcement last week that he would step down with “immediate effect”.

The manager in the Office of the Mayor, George Mosimane, said that the mayor had duties to attend to both inside and outside the office.

“He will attend an ANC PEC meeting today and is working outside the office at the moment.”

He confirmed that the acting municipal manager had received Matika’s resignation letter.

“He will be entitled to his salary this month in line with his notice period.”

Mosimane indicated that a special council meeting would take place on September 26.

“We have not received any notice from the ANC regarding the suspension of the 11 ANC councillors (who voted for Matika to be removed from council).”

Meanwhile, not all of the 11 ANC councillors, who will be charged by the ANC Regional Executive Committee (REC), have received their charge sheets.

The REC had indicated that they would undergo disciplinary hearings on charges of gross violation of the code of conduct for participating with the opposition during a special council meeting to remove Matika.

The councillors stated that they had chosen to abstain from work until Matika had officially left the building.

“Maybe by then everything would have returned to normal. We were informed that we would be dealt with before Matika left. It would be suicidal for them to get rid of us because it could cost them the elections next year. We are laughing at the charge sheets because they are unconstitutional.”

They added that they were waiting to see whether they would be receiving their salaries at the end of the month.