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Matika slams efforts to divide the ANC


The ANC regional chairperson said there were “hellbent forces aimed at subverting and dividing the movement through social media and using money in buying ANC members”.

Mangaliso Matika. Picture: Danie van der Lith

ANC REGIONAL chairperson Mangaliso Matika, has condemned efforts to divide the party in the run up to the regional and provincial elective conferences.

Matika will be contesting for another term at the regional conference that will take place from April 30 until May 2.

He affirmed support for the national executive committee under the leadership of Cyril Ramaphosa.

“We wish to ensure the national executive committee that we advocate for a renewed and stable ANC in this region. Hence we won’t allow any leader or member to further divide our movement that is already confronted by a number of challenges.”

Matika stated that there were “hellbent forces aimed at subverting and dividing the movement through social media and using money in buying ANC members”.

“We have a duty as ANC members to guide against such forces.

“As we move towards the regional and provincial conference we shouldn’t forget where we come from as a collective.”

He added that social media was being used to “discredit and further divide” the movement.

“Members who openly declare that they belong to groupings are threatening the stability of the movement and it must come to an end. All members including the REC must desist from contravening the guidelines and the constitution.

“The REC hereby makes a clarion call to all members to remain disciplined and participate in these processes without fear or favor.”

Matika said the REC has fully supported decisions taken by the ANC NEC to dissolve any group and compel any cadre including REC members who were formally charged with corruption or any serious crimes to immediately step aside from all leadership positions in the ANC and government pending the finalisation of their cases.

He raised serious concern over the deteriorating state of municipalities.

“We made a commitment to deliver simple basic needs of life but our municipalities are failing our own people.”

“When the community is faced with challenges, ineffective professional administrators are nowhere to be found in the city. Poor communication strategy also plays a significant role and creates a platform for unrest. We expect municipal officials to always be hands-on and communicate effectively to community members.”

He added that ward councillors were supposed to interact and receive their mandate from the masses.

“They must not run away from the actual work expected by the ANC. The regional executive committee (REC) must call all ANC deployees at all municipalities in the districts to account why services are not being rendered to our people. The REC is dedicating this month of April to ensure that services are improved to our communities in a sustainable manner.”

Matika gave deployees a deadline of two weeks to account, implement and accelerate services and to promote a safe and healthy environment.

“According to an assessment of local government it recognises a number of challenges including infighting, failure to hold the administration accountable, councils failing to play oversight, along with ward committee members being at the forefront of protest and corruption and maladministration.”

He believed that sufficient municipal resources should be spent on building proper infrastructures and creating jobs for our young people.

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