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“Matika is being imposed on us”


Several ANCYL branches believe that they are being forced to support the re-election of Mangaliso Matika as ANC regional chairperson.

Mangaliso Matika

ANC YOUTH League (ANCYL) branches from four sub-regions believe that the ANC regional chairperson Mangaliso Matika is being “imposed” on them where they were not consulted regarding his re-election for a second term.

The ANCYL in the Frances Baard region and the ANC Women’s League regional task team last week both expressed their support for Matika to lead the ANC regional executive committee (REC) as chairperson, with Neo Mase as the regional deputy chairperson, Wende Patrick Marekwa as regional secretary, Mock Mocumi as regional deputy secretary and Nondumiso Buda to be appointed as the regional treasurer.

The ANC REC is expected to hold its conference in March this year to elect its new leadership, provided that the lockdown restrictions are relaxed.

Spokesperson for the ANCYL branches that are supporting Monde January for regional chairperson, Lawrence Mkwanazi on Thursday described the statement that was issued last week proclaiming the unanimous support for the REC candidates as “preposterous”.

“The four regions – Dikgatlong, Sol Plaatje, Phokwane and Magareng – are rooting for January as the incoming regional chairperson.”

He stated that branches of the ANCYL were not consulted on their preferences and indicated that the existing REC was “anti-youth”.

“The ANCYL REC has not held a single meeting in over a year now. Now suddenly they have risen from the dead to make factional pronouncements.

“Matika and his cabal must not be given a second term of leading the ANC in the region. We outrightly and vehemently distance ourselves from that posture.

“They have done nothing for the development of young people since they took office in 2017.”

Mkwanazi pointed out that under the current REC, municipalities had collapsed, capital key projects had disappeared, electricity tariffs had increased, service delivery had declined and youth unemployment had increased.

“We are yet to see the findings of the section 106 investigation report at Sol Plaatje Municipality being implemented. The biggest number of unrest action and shutdowns occurred under Matika’s leadership. Young people were sold out so that certain individuals could make a career out of becoming a bag carrier for Matika.”

He believed that the new leadership should advance the interests of all youths.

“Our branches want the incoming regional leadership to fight for the development of all young people and not exclusively those who share a close relationship with ANC leaders.

“ANC leaders are supposed to ensure that youths are enrolled at institutions of higher learning and that young academics occupy strategic positions in the ANC led government. Instead they are forever being dumped in EPWP programs with no direction for their future.”

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