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Massive pothole a danger to motorists


A number of Kimberley residents have complained about a large and dangerous pothole in Phakamile Mabija Road.

A large pothole in Phakamile Mabija Road. Pictures: Danie van der Lith

SEVERAL Kimberley residents have gone onto Facebook and complained about a large and dangerous pothole in Phakamile Mabija Road. The pothole is partially filled with water and any motorists who are not aware of the pothole will most definitely drive through it, causing substantial damage to their vehicles.

One resident said that the pothole almost caused an accident involving a driver busy with her learner’s licence. He stated that another vehicle swerved out for the pothole, narrowly missing her while she was busy with her licence test.

One of the business owners on the corner where the pothole is situated, stated that several vehicles have been damaged already. “I see motorists driving through that hole on a daily basis and their vehicles are badly damaged . . . this due to a pothole that could have been fixed long ago”, he said.

According to him, the pothole has been there for more than three months. “We have lodged several complaints about this hole, but nobody comes out to fix it”

Just around the corner, on Lawrence Road, a leaking pipe is causing water to flow down the road and into the big pothole. Quinton van Wyk, who is a resident in Lawrence Road, said that that pipe has been leaking for more than three years. “They come to fix it, but it just keeps on leaking,” he said.

According to Sol Plaatje Municipality spokesperson Thoko Riet, the municipality went out to the area on Phakamile Mabija Road where the pothole is situated. “We will first need to repair the leak in Lawrence Road to stop the water from flowing into the pothole, once that area is dry, we will be able to attend to the pothole.”

She advised motorists to drive safe and be cautious of potholes.

The water leak on Lawrence Road that flows into the pothole. Picture: Danie van der Lith
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