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March aims to oust NC mayor


Mayor Norman Prince defends himself

Norman Prince

MEMBERS of the Kgatelopele Community Forum (KCF) will stage a march to the Kgatelopele municipal offices in Danielskuil today in an attempt to topple mayor Norman Prince from his position, in defiance of a decision by the municipality not to grant permission for the march to go ahead.

The spokesperson for the KCF, Scotch Motlhacwi, stated that they had received an undertaking from the police on Friday that they would escort the marchers from the agricultural co-operative, from 11am, to the Kgatelopele municipal offices.

“The municipality is trying to make as if the march is illegal, which it is not. The march will be peaceful and we have decided to use the route on the other side of the R31 so as not to disrupt traffic. The police and marshals will maintain law and order,” said Motlhacwi.

He said that a petition would be handed over at the municipality, calling for the mayor to step down.

“There will be up to 2 000 community members and KCF members taking part in the march. This march is not about getting tenders or jobs or about any party. We are sick of lies. Where is the stadium and swimming pool that the mayor is boasting about? The budget has not been approved.”

Motlhacwi accused Prince of forming his own rogue executive committee of the KCF. “We are the legitimate executive committee, after Prince was expelled from the KCF.”

Prince, meanwhile, said that the municipality had not granted permission for the march to go ahead as there was a pending court case to establish who the rightful executive members of the KCF are.

“It would be premature to stage a march before the court has made its findings,” said Prince.

He added that he was the legitimate chairperson of the KCF.

“Dissatisfied KCF members are trying to discredit me after I refused to offer them positions at the municipality and tenders. Councillors who are involved in illegal activities will be exposed after the criminal process is completed.

“I am unpopular because I have not appointed candidates into positions when they do not possess the suitable qualifications or experience.

“I was appointed to fight corruption, nepotism and fraud and implement clean governance. I cannot, with a clear conscience, award a tender simply on the basis that the person is a KCF member.”

Prince pointed out that he was “very happy” with the progress he had made.

“Even officials in government have praised me for the exceptional job I am doing. The municipality received a qualified report and residents living in informal settlements have water, as I promised. Jasper Solar Solutions and Lesedi Power Solutions repaired the lights at no cost to council.

“Roadworks in Roux Street, which has not been fixed for the past 30 years, is nearing completion. I have engaged with the surrounding mines to assist us where possible. I recently unveiled the bulk water reservoir where people can monitor their own water accounts. I am in the process of building two swimming pools and renovating the community hall in Sloja.”

Prince added that he would turn the sinkhole near Danielskuil into a tourist attraction once the R30 million overhead bridge was built.

“The KCF accused me of stealing R1.5 million, which is impossible. Mayors do not sign cheques. I only sign policies, develop strategies and liaise with government. The finances of the municipality are now on a sound footing.”

Prince stated that another meeting had been scheduled for Monday (yesterday) in an attempt to approve the budget.

“If these disruptive elements continue to try to derail us, it will be to everyone’s detriment as the MEC for Coghsta will appoint an administrator to manage the municipality’s affairs.”