Home News #MarcBatchelor wife was in house when he was gunned down – police

#MarcBatchelor wife was in house when he was gunned down – police


Police confirmed the wife was in the house at the time of the shooting, but can't confirm whether the children were there too.

Marc Batchelor. Picture: Antoine de Ras/African News Agency (ANA)

Johannesburg – Marc Batchelor’s wife was inside the house at the time two assailants pulled up next to her husband as he was about to drive in, shooting him several times.

“We understand that his wife was home at the time but we can’t confirm if the children were inside house too. The deceased was just outside the house and driving in when he was shot,” provincial police spokesman Colonel Dlamini confirmed to The Star on Tuesday.

“The deceased was travelling with his gardener who was not injured in the attack, we have obtained a statement from him. We are following leads on the two suspects who were on the motorbike who shot him. He was shot several times on the upper body while inside his car.”

Dlamini said they would also be checking CCTV cameras in the area for more clues and also appealed to people who might have information on the shooting to come forward.

After the shooting, pictures of Batchelor’s bullet-riddled body were posted on the internet. Some social media users were upset and criticised those that posted the pictures.