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Man gets 15 years for ’revenge murder’


The murder appears to have been a revenge attack after the man’s girlfriend was killed in an accident in 2016.

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THE NORTHERN Cape High Court on March 17 2021 sentenced Michael Monnapule Marema to 15 years imprisonment for the murder of George Monnapule Motheo. The murder appears to have been a revenge attack after Motheo killed Marema’s girlfriend in an accident in 2016.

Five years of the 15-year sentence was suspended by Acting Judge Amanda Venter.

On the night of July 27 2016 Motheo accidentally knocked down Puleng Vinolia Mbuku with his vehicle in Nobengula Street, Galeshewe.

Marema later assaulted Motheo, who was rushed to the Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe Hospital where he died the next day as a result of injuries sustained during the attack.

On July 27 Mbuku was on her way to Malema when she apparently started experiencing cramps and collapsed.

A passer-by, Pogisho Louw, saw Mbuku and tried to help her up but was unsuccessful. Louw then tried to control traffic to protect her from being run over.

Motheo, who was the driver of a white Toyota Hilux bakkie, accidentally ran over Mbuku. The court heard how Motheo, who was not injured, stopped his vehicle a few metres away.

He went to the injured Mbuku, took off his jacked and covered her. However, she was declared dead on the scene.

Marema arrived at the scene and started assaulting Motheo. The court heard that several people, including the police, tried to stop him, but he was unstoppable.

He was also heard telling Motheo that he would kill him. Motheo fell to the ground while the accused continued to kick him. He also threw a brick at Motheo’s head.

Motheo was rushed to hospital and the accused was arrested on the scene. The autopsy report stated that Molema died due to head injuries.

The state submitted that Marema’s actions were premeditated and that he be handed the harshest sentence.

The defence pointed out that part of his sentence should be suspended because he was not an aggressive person and that this was his first offence.

During sentencing the judge pointed out that the case was extraordinary. She said the accused was uncontrollable when people tried to stop him from the assault which led to the murder.

She said the nature of the sentence should be an effort by the court to restore peace among society and protect society against crime.

She said it is the role of the courts to satisfy a certain part of society who needs protection from those who commit crimes.

“His actions were out of anger, jealousy and hatred,” said Venter.

The family of Motheo left the court in tears and expressed their disappointment in the justice system.

Motheo’s sister, Belinda Chweu, said justice was not served because the fact that a human being’s life was taken so gruesomely was ignored.

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