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Man found guilty of raping elderly city woman


An elderly Kimberley woman, who is nearing her 80th birthday, stated in her victim impact report that she is now dependent on a walker to move around after she was raped.

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AN ELDERLY Kimberley woman, who is nearing her 80th birthday, indicated through her victim impact report to the Kimberley Regional Court that she is now dependent on a walking ring to move around after she was raped.

The court on Friday found Sizwe Rudolph Mtwana, 34, guilty on charges of rape and housebreaking following an incident that occurred in June 2020.

The court heard that Mtwana broke into the elderly woman’s home while she was sleeping.

According to testimony from the victim, she saw a shadow at the window during the night but she later fell asleep. She woke up when the accused was inside her house. He proceeded to rape her inside her home.

In her report, the woman said she had been very fit for her age and could conduct her household chores with ease.

“I was always busy and could move around without any help. I had no pain nor was I reliant on any medication. A few months prior to this incident, I broke my leg and I had to wear a cast. However, the leg healed and the doctor removed the cast and I was able to move around again without any help. Even the doctor was impressed that I did not have to use crutches,” she said.

“After the rape incident, I now have problems with my leg. I now experience pain in my legs and they often get swollen. I also have to use a lot of painkillers to get through the pain. This happened after the rape and this ‘boy’ lay on my leg. I now have to use a walking ring to move around.

“During the time he raped me, it felt like rocks or metal irons were being forcefully inserted inside me. The pain I experienced was very severe and I do not even wish that type of pain on my worst enemy.”

The woman added that she now lives in fear and had to move out of her home as she is afraid to live alone.

“This ‘child’ really destroyed me. I now have to seek medical treatment from private medical practitioners even though I am just a pensioner. I am also very fearful of all men, young and old. I cannot even go to the shops as I am afraid. I get frightened if someone stands behind me and places their hand on my shoulder. Even thinking about the incident gives me painful headaches.

“The incident constantly lingers in my mind. I try to surround myself with people because when I am alone I get sad and depressed … I used to be independent and stayed alone. I had to move out of my house and am now staying with my sister as I am afraid of staying in my house after this incident occurred.”

She explained that she now also feels “disgraced”.

“I feel like people look at me and say, ‘that is the granny who sleeps with young children’. I did not give permission for this incident, but I still feel ashamed. I do not even want to walk down the street as people might judge me. I feel like the Lord should just take me away.”

The State prosecutor, advocate Terche Engelbrecht, during sentencing arguments, asked the court not to deviate from the prescribed minimum sentence.

“The accused does not have any previous criminal charges but he started by committing a serious crime. The accused told the court he even knew what time the complainant locked her doors and that she was an elderly woman who was staying on her own. The law needs to protect the elderly and ensure that perpetrators such as the accused are taken off the street,” said Engelbrecht

The case was postponed for sentencing and the accused was remanded in custody.

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