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Man allegedly runs over girlfriend


“We heard people starting to scream and ran outside. That is when we saw him inside the bus, driving towards us.”

A GALESHEWE woman and her 11-year-old daughter were left injured and traumatised after her boyfriend allegedly ran her over with a minibus.

Mathapelo Cidras was injured after she dived to save her daughter’s life from the oncoming minibus.

The minibus apparently missed her daughter by just inches, but drove over Cidras.

She was left with painful bruises all over her body, two swollen blue eyes and almost unable to walk and had to be admitted to hospital.

Her boyfriend was arrested five days later and still has to appear in court on charges of attempted murder.

Cidras told the DFA that she always had to be “on her best behaviour” to prevent her boyfriend from losing his temper or becoming jealous.

According to her, last week’s incident was triggered by an argument between her boyfriend and her younger sister.

“I intervened and told him not to swear and he grabbed a cup and smashed it. The next thing he was on to me, hitting me with his fists,” said Cidras.

She said that her boyfriend then stormed out of the shack.

“We heard people starting to scream and ran outside. That is when we saw him inside the bus, driving towards us.”

Cidras said that she tried to flee and had to dive several times to avoid being run over by the minibus.

“The next thing I was on the ground with people helping me up and telling me that the bus ran me over.”

Neighbours had to stop her boyfriend from allegedly trying to run her over again by pelting the vehicle with stones.

“I could already see my life disappearing when the bus headed towards me for the second time.”

Cidras describes her boyfriend as jealous, a control freak and short tempered.

His family was apparently supposed to meet her family to start lobola negotiations before the end of the year.

“I loved him a lot and tried to understand him when he instructed me not to use make-up and dictated what I should wear. He always tells me that I am too beautiful and that I should stay natural.

“Whenever we go out together he has to escort my every move. I can’t even smile at people, especially men, to avoid drama.”

Cidras said that her boyfriend had “destroyed two homes in his angry rage”.

“Even my sister had to move back home with her pieces of furniture that she could save because her shack collapsed after he drove into it.”

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