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Main parties in NC still to announce candidates

Some parties have released their candidates list for the upcoming local government elections. File picture

The ANC, DA and EFF in the Northern Cape have not publicly released their candidates lists for ward councillors and proportional representative (PR) councillors who will be contesting the local government elections next month.

THE ANC, DA and EFF in the Northern Cape have not publicly released their candidates lists for ward councillors and proportional representative (PR) councillors who will be contesting the local government elections next month.

According to a list in possession of the DFA, the ANC mayoral candidate is the ANC regional treasurer Nondumiso Buda.

The name of Sol Plaatje executive mayor Patrick Mabilo does not feature on the list.

Other ANC candidates that stand a good chance of being elected include Sebrine Engelbrecht, Marope Sonia Bosman, Anna Boqo, Pearl Mouers and Eucia Matika.

Mariam Louw is number one on the DA’s list although the party had still not released its list by Thursday.

EFF provincial spokesperson Obakeng Lechuti stated that they were still waiting for the “green light” from the national office to release their names.

Freedom Front Plus (FF+) provincial spokesperson Esme Boshoff said their mayoral candidate was Kobus van den Berg.

“The FF+ will be contesting all wards. The FF+ does not focus on the errors other parties may have made, or are making. We remain with our position that power should be exercised on the most local level possible – party head offices should take the lead from local leaders, not the other way round. Cultural differences are recognised and embraced, rather than denied.”

Boshof added that the party aimed to unseat the ANC.

“The choice between ANC factions is between bad and worse, not between good and bad. The FF+ will enter into any coalition which can defeat the ANC, but will not include the EFF. In those two parties we find nothing we can align with.”

Boyce Makodi from the Sol Plaatje Service Delivery Forum (SPSDF) said that any of their elected councillors would be expected to donate a portion of their earnings towards improving service delivery and uplifting communities.

“If I am elected I am willing to contribute 15 percent of my income. Many of our candidates are currently unemployed so they will be able to cover their expenses with the salaries that they earn.”

He added that the community would choose the SPSDF mayoral candidate.

“We will receive our mandate from the community and will be contesting 28 wards in the Sol Plaatje municipal district. Council should be run by residents and not politicians. We will not pay for tenders and will keep every councillor accountable. If they are involved in corruption or bribery, they must be reported to the authorities.”

Makodi stated that some of their candidates had been threatened with losing their jobs and/or offered lucrative government posts.

“We are against blind party loyalty. We believe in democratic rule, where we will put decisions to a vote. We will put the interests of the community first and refuse to become sell-outs.”

Former DA ward councillor Herbert Japhta stated that he was elected as the Patriotic Alliance (PA) provincial leader.

“I have heard the cries of the people. The PA is the alternative government, it does not help to stand on the sidelines and complain. It is the duty of all councillors to find innovative solutions to poverty. I have over 30 years experience in politics and municipal governance and will ensure that all councillors undergo rigorous training and should know the council regulations off by heart.”

Japhta indicated that job creation was the solution to ending widespread poverty in the Province. “I will spearhead a paving and construction project to provide people with jobs. The ANC has created a welfare state where they depend on government for their survival.

“Councillors must make a difference in the lives of communities and not be there to line their pockets.”

PA mayoral candidate Emile Adams said the party would contest 16 wards.

“Candidates were assessed and elected by undergoing an interview process. They had to be accepted by the ward, have an interest in serving the community, have a record of community work and a sense of loyalty towards community members. Our councillors must master the heart of politics.”

He said that the PA wanted to bring back Christianity and religion at schools. “The fact that it has been removed from schools has created a situation where the youth have no direction.

“Housing must be prioritised in squatter camps. We want to zoom in on service delivery in Roodepan and Greenpoint.

“Once the PA takes power we will ensure that illegal foreigners are repatriated or be sent to jail.

“We will zoom in on youth empowerment, as empowering the youth will ensure a strong future leadership. Unemployment will be addressed by processing valuable minerals and raw materials and providing support to entrepreneurs and small businesses.”

Adams indicated that a number of prominent DA members had joined the PA, including Herbert Japhta, Cliffie Lewis, Jesseca Japhta and Nicolus Gassie Jooste.

“The PA aims to do away with the mismanagement of government and municipal funds, so as to direct these funds to areas where it is most needed.”


African Christian Democratic Party – Gordon Adams

African Transformation Movement – Beverley Tom.

Azanian Peoples Organisation – Ngungunyana Nodoba

Cope – Beryl de Klerk

Sol Plaatje Economic Emancipation forum – Marica Solomon

EFF – Pontsho Mocwana

Good – Elizabeth Johnson

Independent – Berninice Mosebo

Independent – Charles Setlogelo

Independent – Tshepo Sealira

Independent – Boitumelo Stout

Independent – Ishmael Flatela

Independent – Joseph Mazabane

Spectrum National Party – Henry Botjes

Sol Plaatje Service Delivery Forum candidates

Dennis Pienaar

Shase Moses

Adriana Justine Esau

Althea Jenee Peters

Dinah Meintjies

Herbert Miller

Simon Dire

Rebecca Makhurumenza

Clinton Ngobeni

Pulane Bosman

Priscilla Kamogetswe

Willem Bekeer

Hendry Phillips

Richard de Koker

Joyce Kleinsmith

Kagiso Makodi

Motlagomang Mokhethi

Kabelo Setilo

Abner Zeyo

Daniel Kruger

Glen Maqubu

Baby Metsimetsi

Enna Sevierus

Jerry Williams

David Kok

Celeste Soois

Thabiso Louw

Sofia Nguvuru

FF+ candidates

Kobus van den Berg

Johan Smit

Frans Reichert

Dawie Griesel

James van Wyk

Wilhelm Reichert

Ruhan Swanepoel

Patriotic Alliance ward councillor candidates

Ward 1 – Rufaro van der Ross

Ward 2 – Carl Jardine

Ward 3 – Fernando Visagie

Ward 6 – Deon Henderson

Ward 31 – Ayanda Zephe

Ward 14 – Rashad Jaffer

Ward 17 – Aobakwe Legalamitlwa

Ward 16 – Louisa Mogorsi

Ward 20 – Gabriel Peters

Ward 21 – Veronica Williams

Ward 22 – Brandan Matthee

Ward 25 – Faith Bacon

Ward 28 – Fransina van der Ross

Ward 29 – Yolanda Seekoei

Ward 30 – Filicity Mohamed

Ward 33 – Kenneth Markham

PA PR candidate list

1. Emile Kirk Adams (mayoral candidate)

2. Sharifa Ferris

3. Monique Philander

4. Syd Albert Roach

5. Adrian Joemat

6. Carmen Juanita Feris

7. Darouise Arnold-Gordon

8. Raynold Jonathan Jood

9. Faith Edith Elisebeth Irwin

10. Abdul Halliday

11. Iris Angelique Jackson

12. Verna Cordelia Abdool-Jaffer

13. Natasha Chantal Phillies

14. Emmanuel Milton Phillies

15. Camillia Christeline Roman

16. Bevelyn Erika Jardine

17. Brent Prins

18. Petunia Rosemarie Samantha Burgess

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