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Magareng residents in the dark after Eskom cuts power due to non-payment

File picture: Reuters/Siphiwe Sibeko

RESIDENTS in Magareng Municipality had a dark start to their morning on Wednesday when Eskom started its planned 14-hour electricity cut to the town following the non-payment of its electricity bill.

Eskom spokesperson, Stefanie Jansen van Rensburg, said on Tuesday that agreements with four local municipalities in the Northern Cape had averted scheduled electricity supply interruptions that were due to commence today (Wednesday). 

“The Kamiesberg, Khai-Ma and Richtersveld Local Municipalities have entered into payment agreements to address their outstanding debts. Tsantsabane Local Municipality reached an interim agreement with Eskom, which will be revised. Eskom will closely monitor these municipalities’ adherence to their payment agreements to prevent further escalation of their debt to Eskom for the bulk supply of electricity,” she stated.

Jansen van Rensburg, however, added that no satisfactory payment agreement, however, was reached with the Magareng Local Municipality. 

“Therefore, electricity supply services to Magareng will be curtailed starting Wednesday, July 8 2020. The municipality will have to endure daily power restrictions until the payment breach has been remedied by the municipality.”

According to a previous statement from Eskom, the electricity to the municipality will be cut from Monday to Sunday from 6am to 8pm and will continue until the breach is remedied.

“Electricity users in Warrenton and Warrenvale will be affected by these interruptions and are advised to contact their local municipality and councillors for further details on the debt. Ultimately, the responsibility for municipal non-payment rests with elected officials.”

Jansen van Rensburg said all parties who are likely to be affected by the withholding of electricity supply services were advised to take all necessary precautions and treat electricity connections as if they are live to limit damages to their equipment, operations and business. 

The five municipalities together owe more than R272 million to Eskom, while Magareng Municipality owes the power utility R65 million.

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