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Machabe trial: Teen tells of rape ordeal


The teenager who accused Itumeleng Machabe of assaulting and raping her when she was 15 shared shocking details about the day with the court.

Ithumeleng Machabe in the Northern Cape High Court. Picture: Soraya Crowie

THE TEENAGER who accused Itumeleng Machabe of assaulting and raping her when she was 15 years old shared shocking details about the day with the court.

Machabe is accused of raping and murdering 11-year-old Relebogile Segami, as well as raping the then 15-year-old teen during a separate incident.

He is facing 19 charges in the Northern Cape High Court, including murder, attempted murder, rape, fraud, crimen injuria, attempted extortion and child pornography.

The 15-year-old girl was raped in the veld next to the Northern Cape legislature in December 2021 and she revealed startling details about the day to the court.

The teen told the court that she had met a male friend and left with him on the night before she was allegedly raped by Machabe, whom she later came to know as Bendow.

Dr Esmay Olivier, a clinical forensic doctor at Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe Hospital, testified in court and shared her J88 examination results of December 5, 2021.

Olivier said the 15-year-old victim was not wearing the same clothes she was wearing at the time of the incident. She had also already washed and urinated after having reported the rape.

Olivier explained to the court that her gynaecological examination indicated that the victim was sexually active and that there were no signs of swelling or injury.

She said the teen showed no signs of any physical assault and had told her that she had had consensual sex on December 4, 2021, the night before the rape incident.

Olivier added, however, that there was swelling of the skin detected at the opening of the anus and funnelling.

She described these as definite signs of forceful anal penetration from a more recent sexual act.

She also noted that it was not uncommon for vaginal injuries not to be detected following a rape incident.

Re-living the events of the night of December 4, 2021, the teen victim told the court that she was standing with her friends in front of a tavern when she met a male friend.

She said the friend told her that he had four bottles of alcohol at his shack.

She said they agreed to go and fetch the alcohol together and then return to join their friends at the tavern.

She said they walked to the shack together, which is situated near the Northern Cape legislature.

She said that when they arrived at the shack, her friend handed her a bottle of alcohol and she drank some of it.

Thereafter she told her friend that she felt a bit drunk and asked if she could sleep for a while instead of returning to the tavern. He said that was okay.

The teen told the court that she asked her friend whether she could trust him and he said “yes”.

“I slept and he also slept. At around 11 o’clock, a man arrived with three girls, asking my friend to open the door for him,” she said.

She added that she later learnt that the man was called Bendow.

“The man was rough and drunk. My friend went to open the door and the guests entered the shack.

“He said he wanted to sleep with one of the three girls, referring to the one who looked older than the other two.

“Then this eldest one said ‘no’, she wants to go home. Bendow told them that if they wanted to go home they would have to walk home. They objected and said Bendow was the one who brought them there and he would have to get them back home.

“My friend asked the girls where they were staying and they said they were staying in Colville.

“My friend phoned a cab for them and they sat and waited for it.”

She told the court that the cab arrived at around midnight and the girls went to meet it at the corner, leaving Bendow behind.

“After the girls left, Bendow, who was in the yard outside of the shack, started acting violently – banging on the door, swearing and wanting to rip open the corrugated iron of the shack walls, demanding to enter.

“A female neighbour came and reprimanded him and he stopped.

“A blue golf arrived at around 1am, which he got into and left.

“I had sex with my friend before going to sleep again. We were having consensual sex because my friend did ask me and I said ‘yes’. We also had sex before the guests arrived.”

The teen said that Bendow came back at around 7am with another girl.

“He asked my friend for two minutes to sleep with her in the shack. My friend agreed and told him he had to be quick because he had to go to his work. We then went to sit outside the shack until they were finished.

“All four of us left the yard together, but when we arrived at the street corner the girl took a different direction.”

She said her friend had asked her to accompany him to his workplace because he did not want her to walk home alone.

According to her, she did not know why Bendow was walking with them.

They were walking on the Soul City road and had turned into the veld when Bendow stopped them and told her friend that he was going to accompany them to his workplace.

The friend disagreed and told him that he would not be allowed.

“He asked my friend why he would not allow him to accompany us and my friend said he could only negotiate for one extra person, which was me.

“Bendow became angry and started hitting my friend with his hands in his face.

“I was standing there and Bendow started making demands that I will go with him and not with my friend.

“I told Bendow ‘no, I don’t know you’. Then he said he is taking me home because my friend was holding me hostage.

“He said he won’t stop beating my friend until I agree to go with him.

“He dragged me by the hand and we turned around to go back down the same road.

“On our way back, he asked me whether I would have sex with him for R50 and I said ‘no’.”

The teen said that Bendow threatened to slap her if she ever screamed.

She said she was unfamiliar with the footpath they were walking on and he pushed her onto another footpath that led into a bunch of reeds, with a sewage pond or dam.

“There he told me to undress and I said ‘no’. Then he slapped me in my face.

“He told me again to undress and I again said ‘no’ and he slapped me again. Then I took off my top.

“He said I must also take off my trousers and I said ‘no’. He slapped me for the tired time. Then I took them off.

“He told me to lay my clothes on the water and lie on them, which I did.

“He started to penetrate me vaginally, anally and again vaginally while he warned me that he would kill me by throwing me into the drain if I screamed.

“Afterwards, he told me that he was going to urinate into my mouth and I said ‘no’.

“He slapped me again and lifted my head in order to insert his penis into my mouth. He urinated into my mouth and said I must swallow. I swallowed.

“He then told me that he is going to turn around and that I must lick his anus. He turned around and I did as he instructed me to do.”

The teen said that after Bendow had finished, he lay on top of her for a while.

The State asked her which position she was lying in and she said she was lying on her back.

She told the court that Bendow’s phone started to ring but he did not answer it.

“He said if I ever tell anyone, he is going to kill me. I promised not to tell anyone.

“He asked me what am I going to tell people when they ask me why my clothes are dirty. I said I would borrow clean clothes from my friend.

“He asked me for my contact number and said he wants us to meet again. I gave him the wrong numbers.

“He told me to give him a hug and to again promise him I would not to tell anyone.

“His phone rang again. He told me to go home and then he left. He was heading in the direction of Spar.

“I waited for him to turn around the corner, it started to rain, and I left for home.”

The teen said she arrived home at around 9am and did not tell anyone what had happened to her.

She said she found her father and three cousins at home.

He female cousin asked her what had happened to her and she told her that she was raped. She said she told her cousin that she did not know the man who had raped her.

She said the cousin went to call her aunt.

“My aunt called the police and when they heard upon their arrival what happened, they took us to the Galeshewe police station.

“After I had opened a case they took me to the hospital for examination.”

The State asked the teen whether she thought the accused was serious about his threats and she said, “yes”.

She said she thought that he was going to kill her after he had raped her by throwing her into the drain.

She was also asked whether she has ever had anal intercourse before the incident and she responded that she had not.

The trial continues.

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