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Mabilo promises to clean city, fix sewage problem


'Within the next two weeks, we will see the city differently. The entire city and township are extremely dirty. It is an eyesore,”

Patrick Mabilo

THE NEWLY-elected Sol Plaatje executive mayor, Patrick Mabilo, has promised to clean up the city and address the problem of overflowing sewage.

“Within the next two weeks, we will see the city differently. The entire city and township is extremely dirty. It is an eyesore,” said Mabilo, adding that considering the state that the city is in, it is obvious that “somebody was not doing their job”.

“We will embark on an intensive cleaning programme. Sewage problems will become a thing of the past. If there is a lack of capacity or funds, it must be addressed. We have already knocked on a number of doors, and individuals have indicated that they are ready to assist.”

Mabilo stated that he would also hold all Sol Plaatje councillors accountable. “Senior managers will no longer be allowed to go shopping in town before lunch.”

He added that he would, as a matter of priority, address shortfalls in the budget by way of a debt recovery plan.

“Once we get a new mayoral committee we will get the ball rolling. We look forward to forging a constructive relationship with the entire management team, including the opposition. We all have a role to play because we want to see development in the city.”

Mabilo said that the municipality would work on the regeneration of the city and address urban decay

“The iconic Phakamile Mabija Street has been overtaken by Pakistani shops, as all the big companies have withdrawn out of the CBD. We don’t have time to waste and will roll up our sleeves to address youth unemployment.”

Mabilo urged the community, the youth, churches, faith-based organisations and all other stakeholders to join hands in restoring the city to its former glory.

Cope councillor Rosie Ludwick pointed put that the new mayor had to address an eight-month backlog, which has seen the city plunged into crisis.

Independent councillor Tebogo Hammer committed to work with the new mayor in “restoring the dignity and integrity” of the city.

EFF chief whip Francis Thulo refrained from saying anything. “I will wait for the next ordinary council meeting.”

ANC chief whip Winters Keetile welcomed Mabilo as the new head of the institution.

“We come from very difficult times. The councillors who collaborated with the opposition have left this house,” said Keetile.