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Local fashion designer making waves on international stage


Fashion designer Nkosinathi Yaso is pleased with the progress his fashion brand is making in entering the international market.

Nkosinathi Yaso on the runway with one of the models during the Africa Fashion Reception in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Picture: Supplied

LOCAL fashion designer Nkosinathi Yaso, the founder of JNY Creations clothing brand, is pleased with the progress his fashion brand is making in entering the international market after showcasing his garments at the African’Zuri Festival in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, earlier this month.

This was the second time that the Kimberley-based designer had an opportunity to showcase his work on the international stage.

In October last year, Yaso was invited to showcase his work at the Africa Fashion Reception in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Yaso is proud to have participated in both festivals and said this was a great opportunity for JNY Creations, which he established in 2012, to enter the international market.

He added that he had the opportunity to interact and exchange ideas with well-known fashion designers from other countries.

To Yaso, he was not only representing the Northern Cape but the entire country.

He noted that his participation in Ethiopia had opened doors to more opportunities, like the latest invitation to the DRC event.

Yaso explained that JNY Creations is a female clothing brand that caters for women of all ages, shapes and sizes.

He elaborated that the main goal at JNY Creations is to enhance every woman’s beauty and make them feel comfortable in their own skin.

“At JNY Creations we believe that every woman deserves to look and feel like a queen on whatever occasion they might be attending. That is because we live in an age of fashion that expects people to be unique … and what better way to express this than to be yourself using fashion as a form of creative expression. Each design tells a unique story,” Yaso says.

“Our intention is to provide each client with a personalised experience when purchasing an investment piece to their current wardrobe, or an overall fashion upgrade designed specifically to suit the client’s budget.

“We offer custom-designed garments for women – for designs ranging from everyday wear, high-fashion couture, wedding gowns, prom dresses, diverse African designs and our recently added adorable kiddies range.”

Yaso rated the African’Zuri fashion show as an amazing experience where he had the opportunity to explore the different designs of different cultures.

He added that there was already interest shown in his designs.

“It is really wonderful to showcase your work because you never know who is in the audience.”

He showcased 10 of his designs, which were inspired by the different cultures surrounding him.

“This was a way to celebrate the beauty of Africa through African-inspired garments. My garments featured the Setswana, IsiXhosa, Sepedi and Western cultures.”

Yaso said his passion for fashion started at the young age of 10, where he recalls himself always being attracted to all fashionable items.

“I used to tear up fabric and make clothes for my younger sister’s dolls.”

He decided in Grade 11 that he was going to study fashion design after completing high school.

“In 2009 I enrolled for fashion design at the Central University of Technology, where I studied until 2011. Due to financial circumstances, I was unable to complete my diploma in fashion design.

“I, however, refused to become a victim of circumstance, due to my love for fashion design. I decided to use the knowledge I gained from my studies and started the brand JNY Creations,” Yaso explained proudly.

Yaso said that among his greatest achievements was when JNY Creations was one of 10 fashion brands chosen to showcase their garments at the Destiny Designed fashion show in Johannesburg in April last year, where Shudufhadzo Musida, Miss South Africa, was a model.

He explained that the Destiny Designed fashion show was in collaboration with Miss Universe South Africa 2020, Natasha Joubert

“Joubert had to come up with a campaign as part of her Miss Universe journey before the initial crowning. She offered South African designers an opportunity to come and showcase their talent.

“I found out about the show on Instagram, where the entrants had to submit pictures of their work and their social media handles. From there the organisers chose the 10 of us designers who qualified to showcase in the Destiny Designed fashion show.”

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