Home News Local businessman opens his heart to pupils

Local businessman opens his heart to pupils


Taxi association also goes the distance

Pensioners received food parcels from a local taxi association. Picture: Supplied

KIMBERLEY Local businessman Pogisho Mompati, who owns Motswako Car Wash and Chesa Nyama in Galeshewe, yesterday donated school shoes and sanitary towels to pupils at Mankurwane Primary School.

The Kimberley Long Distance Taxi Association (KLDTA) also donated sanitary towels to female pupils at Isago and Tshwarelelo primary schools last Friday in commemoration of Women’s Month. The KLDTA said that it will also “adopt” the schools and assists them in the future.

The spokesperson for the association, Ralph Slade, said that they also donated food parcels to pensioners on the day.