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Load shedding to be suspended from 9pm tonight


According to power utility Eskom, its emergency generation reserves have ’adequately recovered’.

File picture: Karen Sandison

ESKOM will be suspending load shedding from 9pm tonight.

According to the power utility, the emergency generation reserves have “adequately recovered”.

Stage 2 load shedding was implemented on 9pm on Saturday night and was supposed to continue until 5am on Monday morning.

Eskom says it is anticipating to return to service approximately 4,100MW of generation capacity by Monday evening. This will further ease the capacity constraints.

At Medupi power station the coal supply has normalised and a generating unit has returned to service.

The Kendal ash plant has returned to full operation but the station was hit by the failures of two generating units.

Eskom has reported further breakdowns of a unit each at Kriel, Komati and Arnot power stations. There was also reported to be a delay in returning a unit to service at Tutuka.

Total breakdowns amount to 13,634MW while planned maintenance is 6,348MW of capacity.

Eskom has once again appealed to South Africans to use electricity sparingly and to switch off non-essential items.

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