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Leon Brits murder trial to be heard in Upington


Date set for wife of murdered Pofadder Hotel owner and two co-accused to appear in Upington High Court.

Leon and Suretha Brits. Picture: Facebook

THE MURDER trial of the late Pofadder Hotel owner Leon Brits will be heard in the Upington High Court on November 15.

The matter was transferred from the Pofadder Magistrate’s Court to Upington on Monday.

National Prosecuting Authority regional spokesperson Mojalefa Senokoatsane said the matter was ready for trial.

The wife of the deceased, Suretha Brits, 30, is still in custody following her arrest in connection with the murder in March.

She is facing charges of murder, aggravated robbery and perjury.

Brits, 41, sustained several stab wounds, while valuables including firearms, a cellphone, Krugerrand coins, polished diamonds and cash were taken from the premises at the time of the incident.

His body was found in the swimming pool.

Senokaotsane added that Brits’ co-accused – Amantle Bareki, 24, and Enrich Williams, 34 – would also appear alongside her in the Upington High Court.

They have been charged with murder, aggravated robbery and perjury as well as the possession of an illegal firearm.

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