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Lawrie Shuttleworth dies


The prominent city resident and former mayor died in the early hours of this morning at the age of 103.

Lawrie Shuttleworth. Picture: Supplied

Former Kimberley mayor and prominent city resident, Lawrie Shuttleworth, died in the early hours of this morning at the age of 103.

Born in Johannesburg in November 1914, Shuttleworth was the third of seven brothers.

He completed his BCom Degree at Rhodes University in 1935 before joining the South African Airforce’s No12 Squadron in 1939.

When war broke out, Shuttleworth was called up for active duty, serving in the East African campaign flying mainly army close support sorties including reconnaissance and bombing missions.

During his time as a pilot, he was shot down on more than one occasion before returning to South Africa as a Lieutenant-Colonel and awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.

In 1948, Shuttleworth arrived in Kimberley with his wife, Claudia, their daughters, Patricia and Jennifer as well as their son, Anthony, where he spent the rest of his life contributing to the city and the community.

He was inducted into the Kimberley Rotary Club in 1952 and was elected president six years later. This was a position sparked his interest in public affairs and saw him run for city council in 1968 before being elected as mayor in 1972.

However, arguably the most tangible part of Shuttleworth’s legacy will be the Kimberley City Hall which may well have been demolished in the early 70s had it not been for the alderman’s intervention.